During the regularly scheduled Brownfield City Council meeting Eli Garcia addressed the council about the outside wall of his business located in the 100 block of South 5th Street.

This issue was brought up at the last council meeting by Code Enforcement Officer Marty Martinez. Martinez claimed that he had received complaints from citizens about the wall. Garcia said his vision for the wall was to have the BHS graduating Seniors leave their mark on the wall each year. Garcia said “our greatest resource has and always will be our kids…this is our city’s chance to have one last thing from our kids that says this is what we did for you guys.”

He went on to tell the council that he represents juveniles in the Juvenile Justice System and he has had the opportunity to take two of those juveniles out to the wall and tell them “hey I want you to get your stuff together and you come back and sign my wall. I’m trying to impact lives, I’m not trying to just put something up, this isn’t because this was my kid.”

Garcia said he looked over the ordinances and he wants to be inline with the City. He does not want to fight with the town. Garcia said he wants to be on the same page and the wall to be the towns wall, something that the town is proud of. He does monitor the wall every weekend to make sure no one has done anything to it and make sure no one is defacing it in any way.

Garcia said one of his favorite things about Brownfield is that you can talk to people when there is an issue and if any one wants to talk about the wall they are welcome to come to his office and visit with him. He said he would like to hear the reasons why celebrating the seniors isn’t the right thing to be doing in Brownfield.

His plan for the wall is to have someone come and paint a cub on the top of the wall making it look like the cub is holding a big notepad then the senior class paints their name or college. Each year there would be a new “page” painted and the new Senior class would have a fresh wall to paint. Pope asked for a copy of the sketch.

Dr. Kelly Riley, who owns a business next door to Garcia, was asked by Leon Pope to speak to the council and give her opinion of the wall. Dr. Riley said her personal opinion is that the current state of the wall is not favorable but she has since spoken to Garcia and now knows his vision for the wall. She is ok with the design but would like to see it first and have a timeline of when it will happen.

Chuck Nave asked if there was a timeline that he would leave it up on the building. Garcia said there was not anything definite but he has thought maybe leave it up through the summer and then a couple weeks before school starts in August cover it up, that way the seniors can enjoy their work through the summer. He would like to discuss this more with Dr. Riley and other businesses on the square to see what they are comfortable with.

Mayor Tom Hesse said there was no action that can be taken on this. Pope told Garcia that it is his building and he has not broken any laws as far as he knows.

During other business the council members approved the minutes from the July 20, 2017 meeting.

Also on the agenda the council considered appointing a member of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority to represent Brownfield. The current representative is Ricky Dunn, whose term ended July 31. Hesse said Dunn would like to continue representing Brownfield in this capacity. Pope moved to keep Dunn as the representative. Mary Valdonado seconded and the motion passed.

The council also considered possible action to approve a resolution authorizing a refund of the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority contract revenue bonds, series 2009. Eldon Jobe explained that this was to help save the city some money, he thought the total savings for Brownfield was $50,000 over the period of the bond. Pope asked if there was a downside and Jobe assured him there is not. Pope made a motion to approve and Nave seconded, the motion passed.

They needed to appoint one member to the Zoning Board of Adjustment to fill the unexpired term of Bobby Vaughan. The term expires in 2018. Hesse said Yvonne Rocha has agreed to fill the position. Ricky Rocha abstained from voting since Yvonne is his wife. Valdonado made a motion to accept Yvonne, Teresa Sparks seconded and the motion passed.

Next the Council heard from Tony Serbantez, Chief of Police, about continuing the inter-local agreement with South Plains Association of Governments for E9-1-1 public safety answering services. Serbantez explained to the council that this is something that needs to be done to keep the E9-1-1 system in place and he recommended they continue it. Pope made a motion to approve it and Rocha seconded, the motion passed.

There will be a budget workshop Tuesday August 8th at 6:00 pm.

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2017 at 7:30 am at City Hall.

All members were present.