Working together and helping out a neighbor has always been the Terry County way, and now local folks are once again banding together to show support for longtime resident Aaron Foshee.

There will be an Aaron Foshee benefit 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7 at the amphitheater in Coleman Park.

“We are doing it for Aaron just to show him our love and support,” said Suzy Davis. “The Foshees are longtime residents of Brownfield and Terry County, and this is what we do in West Texas.”

Davis said tickets go on sale tomorrow for brisket dinners at a price of $10 per ticket. She also said there will be a concert the night of the event with Randy Martin and Last Call making a performance.

Davis said members of the band are donating their time, the City of Brownfield is donating the usage of the amphitheater and various other local business people are donating funds and help with the food for the event.

The Brownfield Fire Department and the Brownfield Parks and Recreation Department are also getting together to do the cooking for the benefit.

“We just wanted to help out,” Brownfield Fire Chief Dennis Rowe said. “We try to help out when we can, and it is for a good cause.”

And this isn’t the first time members of the Terry County community have gotten together to give Foshee a hand.

Foshee, who was severely injured in an accident involving a tanker truck in April, got some help planting his land a few months ago. Several local farmers got together and decided to take a day, some equipment and meet at the old Johnson Gin on CR 165. The call went out via Facebook for as many hands as possible to meet at daybreak.

Davis said Foshee is now out of the hospital, but is receiving physical rehabilitation services to get him back to full strength.

“He still has a long way to go,” said Davis.

Davis also said she is looking for volunteers to help with the event, to serve food and clean up the facilities when it is done.

“This benefit isn’t about the money,” she said. “It is just to show him how much we love him and support him and want him to get better. We really want to encourage him.”

Tickets for the brisket dinner can be purchased at the Lone Star Ag, 2253 US Highway 380 and at Larry’s Chemical and Spraying, 510 S 14th St. Davis said there will be other locations to purchase the tickets, as things progress.

“Volunteers would be great,” she said.



What: Aaron Foshee benefit

When: 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7.

Where: Amphitheater in Coleman Park.

Cost: $10 for brisket plates.

Information: To volunteer call Suzy Davis at 781-1071.