Oak Grove Principal, Amy Estrada, presented the April Student of the Month award to Nicholas Mancilla.

Nicholas is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Taylor’s class at Oak Grove.

Some of the things his teachers had to say about Nicholas are, “Nic is a sweet young man that says good morning to everyone everyday. He is always concerned about the welfare of those around him. His progress academically and socially is both amazing and inspirational. He is exceptional in every way and he recognizes the importance of family and knows without a shadow of doubt where his support comes from and responds with love and trust, which speaks volumes about his wonderful family and their involvement in his life.”

His teacher is honored to have the privilege to educate and interact with not only Nic but all of those who love support and set goals for his continued success.

Mrs. Estrada continued, “in his likable, polite and easy going way he has drawn our staff together. His teacher, our librarian, our social studies teacher, our music teacher, our interventionist and our coaches have all benefited from interactions with Nic. He is gently persistent in making sure that we know what he wants and what he enjoys, such as Sonic the Hedgehog. He displays great patience with fellow students and has a willingness to be helpful. By his presence in our classroom he has motivated students to be interested in how others think and to be more aware of their own choices and abilities. Nic is an enjoyable and determined person and we are proud to recognize him this evening.”

Congratulations Nicholas!