During a Special Meeting on August 7 Dr. Doug Karr held a Budget Workshop for the BISD School Board.

Dr. Karr talked about the tax rate, in 2016-17 the adopted M&O was $1.17 the I&S is currently 9 cents totaling $1.26. The projected tax rate for 2017-18 is $1.07 for M&O and the I&S rate is 13.7 cents, totaling $1.21. The tax rate would be reduced by about 4 or 5 cents.

Karr discussed the budget with the board. The big topic of discussion concerning the budget was the issue with the food service fund.

The 2016-17 budget had about a $100,000 deficit in the food service fund. Fred Cawthon asked what could have caused the $100,000 deficit. Karr said that they have done some digging in the food service and there are a number of problems. One of the problems is food costs are going up, another might be serving breakfast in the classrooms. Karr said he isn’t sure how well that is being managed, if more kids are getting breakfast than should be and they are paying extra because of it. Waste is another issue, how much is being bought and fixed then thrown away as opposed to buying, fixing, getting ate and getting reimbursed for. Karr has talked to some food service people that can come in and do a study under a contract basis. They would look at the paper and operational aspect and make some recommendations on how to get it under control. Karr said as it is we are just managing the deficit.

The board voted to hire Emily McClelland-Elementary Teacher; Kristi Oakley-Secondary Teacher; BeAnne McCleskey-Educational Diagnostician;Brandy Crutchfield-BMS Assistant Principal; Lori Lawson-Secondary Teacher;

The following resignations were also accepted: Trent Trinidad-Educational Diagnostician and Edwin Prieto-Chief Financial Officer.

There will be a Budget Hearing on August 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

The regularly scheduled board meeting will be August 21, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Administration Building.

All board members were present