Due to much concern from the public Brownfield ISD held a Special Meeting on Wednesday, July 12 in the Administration Board Room.

The room began to fill up close to the start of the meeting at 6:00 pm. People continued to file into the room for several minutes after it started. With over 3o concerned parents, staff and community members it was a packed house leaving standing room only.

The meeting started with a word of prayer from board member Fred Cawthon, followed by the United States and Texas pledges. There was no public comment on the agenda so the board went straight into business.

Ray Vasquez presented the board with a list of Instructional Materials/Textbooks to consider for adoption. Vasquez said he tried to list all of the courses that will be available at the High School for the 2017-18 school year. He informed the board that they did take feedback from some of the teachers and the counselors on what was needed. Timothy Swaringen asked Vasquez if this was all paid for under the instructional materials allotments and Vasquez confirmed that it is. Swaringen then asked if the teachers from the specific subjects covered suggested the books. Will Hawkins also asked if a certain group of teachers did not get an opportunity to preview the material. Vasquez told the board that some teachers did not have a choice due to there is only one adoption and some teachers that were recently hired were asked and they had a chance to look at the material.

Randy Anthony made a motion to accept the recommendation as presented and Yvonne Rocha seconded. All board members voted to accept the motion and it passed.

The next item on the agenda was to consider Personnel. Swaringen requested to the board President, Tony Serbantez, that they go into closed session before Personnel was discussed. Serbantez said they were planning on going into closed session. At this time the board room was cleared and the board spent about a hour and half in closed session.

After coming out of closed session Nori Banda asked the board to consider the employment of Michael Moffitt as the High School Principal. Moffitt has 2 years of teaching experience and 5 years of Administration experience. He and with his wife were present at the meeting and were introduced by Banda. Yvonne Rocha made a motion for the board to accept the employment of Moffitt, Cawthon seconded the motion. Geoff Cooper and Will Hawkins opposed the motion and all other members were in favor therefore the motion passed.

Banda then read through the list of Professional Staff that the Administration recommended to the board to hire. You can see the complete list of new hires here. Anthony made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Administration for Professional Staff, Rocha seconded the motion.

Hawkins asked Banda to repeat the years of experience on some of the recommendations, specifically Waller, Hathaway and Artemio. Banda said Waller has 4 years teaching and 0 as an Administrator. Hathaway has 18 years teaching and 7 in Administration according to Banda. She said Artemio has 8 years teaching experience and 9 years in Administration.

Serbantez asked for the vote and Cooper voted against it. The motion passed.

Banda had a new list of resignations that she presented to the board as an informational item. You can see that list here.

Dr. Monroe announced that Susan Brisendine has been promoted to Oak Grove Principal.

Swaringen asked the board President if he could address Action Item B number seven (consider resignations) on the agenda. Swaringen stated, “Mr. President, with all that was said in closed session, I believe Dr. Monroe has been negligent in performing these duties and obtaining these goals.  As a result of these; has hindered the education of kids in our care at BISD, established a work environment that instills distrust, fear, and hopelessness in our teachers and staff, has taken away from the support of the community, and has instilled in communities around us a stereotype of a failing school and laughing stock of the region.  So Mr. President, I so strongly move that we formally ask for Dr. Monroe’s resignation and that it be tendered immediately.”

After a moment of silence from the board members, Cawthon said this was not on the agenda. Swaringen said it falls under resignations and as told by a lawyer the board can consider anyones resignation.

The meeting was then adjourned.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is July 17, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Board Room at the Admin building.

All board members were in attendance.