Pictured left to right: Councilman Ray McFarland, Mayor Jerry Gonzales, and City MGR. Eldon Jobe

The Brownfield City Council met in a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday morning August 2nd, 2018. After the preliminary activities, the council worked through the regular business items.

Item number five was to consider the approval of an engagement letter from Eddy Holloway, CPA, to conduct an audit of the financial statements for City of Brownfield for the fiscal year ending September 30th, 2018. The council unanimously approved Eddy Holloway providing the audit. The estimated cost of the audit will be $26,200, in which City Manager Eldon Jobe said,  “this is pretty close to what we’ve been paying the past few years.”

The next item of business was to hear and consider the quarterly reports from the Brownfield Municipal Judge. According to the report, all three months in the second quarter had a decline in new case files and revenue. Look at the chart below to see the latest. Municipal Judge Kenneth Cole explained that citations and money are down. Judge Cole said, “I don’t know if this good thing or a bad thing, we want a safe town if there’s no tickets to write, its a good thing.”

Apr-17 Apr-18 May-17 May-18 Jun-17 Jun-18
NEW CASES FILED 97 42 121 62 90 81
DISPOSITIONS 85 49 106 53 77 71
WARRANTS ISSUED 1 45 55 16 71 61
CASES REACTIVATED 10 16 11 14 25 15
MAGISTRATE WARNINGS 12 25 14 31 22 14
TOTAL REVENUE $11,736.00 $9,440.00 $13,199.00 $7,168.00 $12,862.00 $8,567.00
CITY’S REVENUE $6,989.00 $6,295.00 $8,394.00 $4,357.00 $8,150.00 $5,728.00

Item seven was to consider paying Disconnect Disc Golf out of HOT funds for the Battle at Brownfield Disc Golf Tournament that was recently played. Disconnect did not show on their paperwork the number of people who stayed in hotels in Brownfield. With this lack of information, this item was tabled after much discussion. The felt they needed more information before approving the funding. Councilman Chuck Nave made the motion to table this item with Leon Pope seconding and the full council approval of the measure.

With the next item of business, the council approved for Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper, INC to perform services needed for the Supervisory control and data acquisition, or also known as SCADA. SCADA is a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations or municipalities to control, monitor, interact and record municipal services. Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper, INC has the tools and knowledge for more difficult issues if those issues arose. Assistant City Manager Jeff  Davis told the council that this will be a general service agreement and that the city would only pay for the services as needed. City Manager let the council know that the worst case scenario of any cost with PSCI, would not exceed $30,000. The council unanimously approved the agreement.

The final item of business was for the West Texas Young Farmers Association to receive permission for a special event, “Boots on the Bricks”. WTYFA Representative Lexi Floyd explained to the council that the permit is for only 150 people to attend. The proceeds of this event go towards an apprentice and scholarship opportunity for students that are selected by the WTYFA board. The council approved the permit.

All council members and mayor were present. The next city council meeting is scheduled for August 16th, 2018 at 7:30 AM