Yesterday Brownfield ISD held its Senior Class awards and scholarships presentations. Many showed up in support of this year’s honorees and scholarship recipients.

The Top Ten of The Brownfield High School Senior Class 

  1. Kristen Faith Cox
  2. Darrianne Dorris
  3. Darbie Cox
  4. Tommie Jae Garcia
  5. Makayla Perez
  6. Llana Rodriguez
  7. M’Kenzee Friesen
  8. Christopher Derek Smith
  9. Rachel Hawkins
  10. Brooke Lamb

On behalf of TownTalk Media Production and AdVenture Marketing, we congratulate the Top Ten of the 2018 Senior Class of Brownfield High School.

Senior Awards

Department Awards: (left to right) English 4-Christian DeLaCruz; Biology Dual Credit – Aly Jasper & Holly Williams; Forensics- Darbie Cox; Government- Maria Chacon; Pre-AP Gov- Cullen Chasteen; Economics- Sabrina Garza


Fine Arts Awards: Art III- Alan Cowan; Art IV- Holly Williams; Yearbook Photographer- Alfredo Lozano; Yearbook Designer- Angelina Lopez-Davila; Yearbook Chief Editor- Brooke Lamb; Band IV- Cullen Chasteen; Outstanding Band Member- Macy Vincent; Choir IV- Rachel Hawkins; Outstanding Choir Member- Seth Navarro; Varsity Theatre- Tommie Jae Garcia


CTE Awards: Horticulture– Darbie Cox; Virtual Business- Tommie Jae Garcia; Cosmetology II- Adrianna Arguellez; Pharmacy Tech- Kristen Faith Cox; Cabinet Making & Mill Work- Dalton Puryear; Career Preparation II- Mercedes Tapia; Computer Science I- Cullen Chasteen


CTE Certifications: Welding Cert.- Tristan Garcia, Noah Hurtado, Sheldon Jacquez & Andres Rodriguez; OSHA Cert.- Jaylen Carrillo, Andrew Correa, Tristan Garcia, Noah Hurtado, Sheldon Jacquez, Sarah Jaxson Pruiett, Dalton Puryear & Andres Rodriguez


UIL Awards: Brendyn Rodriguez- Poetry & One Act; Aly Jasper- Editorial Writing & Feature Writing; Ilana Rodriguez- Computer Science; Cullen Chasteen- Computer Science & Current Issues & Events; Tommie Jae Garcia- Prose Reading & OAP All-Star Cast


All “A” Honor Roll: Kristen Faith Cox, M’Kenzee Friesen, Tommie Jae Garcia, Aly Jasper, Brooke Lamb & Makayla Perez


Who’s Who @ BHS: (Top Left to Right) Darbie Cox, Kristen Faith Cox, Darrianne Dorris, M’Kenzee Friesen, Tommie Jae Garcia, Aly Jasper, Brooke Lamb & Angelina Lopez-Davila. (Bottom Left to Right) John Cullen Chasteen, Alan Cowan, Brady Fabila, Alfredo Lozano, Brendyn Rodriguez, Nikola Salazar, Christopher Derek Smith & Christopher Vidales


Outstanding Seniors: Darbie Cox & Nikolas Salazar


All School Outstanding: Tommie Jae Garcia & John Cullen Chasteen

Senior Scholarships

A.C.E.S Scholarships Presented by Charlyce Arnold: Maria Chacon $750, Reagan Harrell $750, Holly Williams $500, Andrew Correa $500, Nicholas Salazar $500, Rachel Hawkins $500 & Armani Burse $500


Ag Texas Farm Credit Presented by Mike Moffitt: Kristen Faith Cox $1000


American Association of University Women Presented by Cathy Pope: Darriane Dorris $250 & Makayla Perez $250


Brownfield Athletic Booster Club Presented by Candy Cudd and each receiving $1200: Kristopher Florez, Adrian Martinez, Brendyn Rodriguez & Kylen Willis


Brownfield Chamber of Commerce, Harvest Festival Presented by Rita Todd: Ilana Rodriguez $2100, Darbie Cox $400, Rheagan Warren $900, Regan Harrell $2200, Tommie Jae Garcia $300, Maria Chacon $400, M’Kenzee Friesen $500 & Darrianne Dorris $850


Brownfield Federal Credit Union Presented by Rhonda Duncan and each receiving $500: Andrew Correa, Darbie Cox, Kristen Faith Cox, Tommie Jae Garcia, Ivory Peacock, Ilana Rodriguez & Kylen Willis


BHS R.E.A.L. Scholarship Presented by Mike Moffitt: Tristan Garcia & Sarah Jaxson Pruiett


Brownfield Optimist Club Presented by Sarah Douglas: Kylen Willis $500


Brownfield Red Skirts Presented by Michelle Cooper: Rachel Hawkins $1000


Brenna Burns Memorial Scholarship Presented by Cathy Pope: Ivory Peacock $1000


The Colton Burran Scholarship Presented by Ronny & Gail Burran each receiving $1000: Darrianne Dorris & Darbie Cox


Cub Sports Radio Leadership Award Presented by Ramiro Hernandez: Kylen Willis $500


South Plains Underground Water Dist. Presented by Michelle Cooper: Kristen Faith Cox $1000 & Darbie Cox $500


Paul Vasquez Jr. Memorial Scholarship Presented by Ray Vasquez: Tristan Garcia $500


Prosperity Bank Presented by Bank Reps: Hannah Johnson $500


Terry County Ministerial Alliance Presented by Eric Martinez, Johnathan Jowers & Mark Davis each receiving $250: Adrian martinez, Joe Manuel Jimenez, Tommie Jae Garcia, Kylen Willis, Rachel Hawkins, Darrian Dorris & Holly Williams