As Texas schools are fast approaching the Summer break, one thing is for sure is the high school football coach is not taking a break. Almost every head football coach and most athletic directors are swamped with getting football players prepared for the Fall.  Everyone knows in Texas that football is king. Between the millions of folks who go to the games and the multi-million dollars high school stadiums, Texas High School Football is big business.

What happens when a school district loses the head football coach. At Brownfield ISD, that just happened. Jeff Smith the former AD and head football coach of BISD lasted not even a year before his departure to a 2A school called Hale Center. Although his reasoning is justified by making it a point that he left the Cubs for family reasons, it’s still a hard pill to swallow. One season? 2-8 season? This can’t happen, can it? There are several returning and the Cubs are dropping to 3A!

Personally, Coach Smith is a kind and interactive person. He sat with us here at the TownTalk Studios a few times and would talk about all kinds of things. He is a good person and I know his heart is in the right place. I want to tell Smith, be blessed and give it all you got.

So now the search begins. Who is coming? Who has applied? Does Brownfield have the clout to find a man who is willing to stay and move the Cubs in the right direction? I do know that it will not be an overnight success, however, consistency and longevity can be a great help.  So here is my question to you, the fans who support the Cubs. Who do you recommend to come and fill the AD/HC vacancy? Does the district go looking or wait for the application to pile up? Should this person be from East Texas, South Texas, North Texas or right in our own backyard.

Let TownTalk know what you think.