During the regular scheduled City Council meeting on November 2, 2017 the big discussion was about social media.

It was brought up at the last council meeting for the council to consider making a Facebook page for the City of Brownfield to use to get information out to the public. Chuck Nave asked for this to be put on the agenda for further consideration.

Nave said if the electricity goes out this would be a good way to let the public know and help prevent the calls into the Police Department. Nave said it could be used as an output and not receive any input. Max Holcombe, who does IT work for the city addressed the council. Nave looked at some social media pages from other cities to see how they used social media. Chief of Police Tony Serbantez was in favor of the idea. He said a lot of other departments and agencies use it.

Serbantez also said he thinks it helps stay ahead of things, when something happens, before rumors get started. It would work for road closures, electricity outages and other notifications.

Eldon Jobe’s concern was how many resources would it take to run it and would the city have to hire someone to do the social media. Max Holcombe informed Jobe and the council that it would not be a constant thing, it would be simple to put out an update.

Serbantez said it is a way of communicating and being a resource, which is very important.

Jobe said he wanted a social media policy for employees also due to there is not currently one.

Nave made a motion for the city attorney to research a city employee policy regarding social media and what they can and cannot post and also research the Facebook legalities as far as the city having Facebook pages for their departments. Ricky Rocha seconded the motion and it passed.

The council also heard a quarterly update and report from the Municipal Court judge. He told the council it was a pretty quiet quarter and there was not many tickets issued or very much money collected. The council moved to accept the report.

Next the council considered the post funding report from Steve Trevino for funding for HOT funds for the 4B Wild West Bike Rally and Music Festival. The council approved the second payment of $2500.

The council discussed a controlled burn at the Brownfield Community Garden. Jobe said he talked to the Fire Chief, Dennis Rowe about this. There was some reluctancy from Jobe due to the Compress next to the garden. Jobe said if one ember  blew over there it would be a mess. Jobe’s recommendation to the council was to not do the controlled burn but to find an alternative method to cleaning up the garden. The council members agreed. There was no motion made.

The council also discussed the possession of alcoholic beverages in the city parks and facilities. The Mayor, Tom Hesse, feels like there needs to be a city ordnance regarding events inside the city limits where alcohol is going to possibly be served. There is currently an ordnance stating that alcohol is not allowed in the city parks.

Leon Pope asked Chief Serbantez what are the pros and cons. Serbantez said he felt it depended on how well controlled it is. Pope asked if it could be controlled. Serbantez said it would require a lot of enforcement. He said that when Brownfield went wet DWIs went down but PIs increased, he questioned if it would cause the DWIs to increase.

Hesse suggested that the city attorney come up with something in writing to present to the council regarding alcohol in places other than the parks so that the council can have more discussion on the subject. Pope made a motion to turn it over to the city attorney to give the council the guidelines and Nave seconded the motion.

Councilwoman Tresa Sparks was not present at the meeting.

City Hall will be closed on November 10, 2017 for Veteran’s Day.

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 7:30 am on November 16, 2017.