Tommy Box, Tim Addison, Judge Jim Barron, Kenton Duncan, Trooper John Tyson, Ray Marion & Woody Lindsey

The Commissioners Court met in regular session on Tuesday, October 10, where they addressed their regular agenda. The meeting was moved back one day because of Columbus Day, a recognized county holiday, was on Monday, October 9.

Before the meeting began the Commissioners, along with Judge Jim Barron, and other law enforcement agencies took time to recognize Denver City high school student Kenton Duncan for his quick response to the fatal accident involving Deputy Jason Fann on August 5, 2017.

Moving into the agenda the Court moved to audit and settle all accounts against the County and direct their payments. After looking over the bills and addressing any concerns a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay County bills that totaled $71,469.12 and Medical facility bills that totaled $513,468.38.

Following the approval of the bills Judge Barron gave the Tax Assessor/Collector’s report. He reported that a total of $72,098.76 had been collected during the month of September. This report was unanimously approved by the Commissioners.

County Treasurer Barbara Wright was in attendance and gave her September monthly report. She reported the county had a beginning balance of $47,244,617.78 and an ending balance of $47,035,435.86. Wright’s report was also unanimously approved by the Commissioners.

The Court also acknowledged receipt of monthly reports from the Sheriff’s Office, the District Clerk, the County Clerk, Justice of the Peace, Precinct #1, and Justice of the Peace, Precinct #2.

Darla Welch from Human Resources was in attendance to update the Commissioners on renewal rates for retiree medical and prescription benefits. She informed the Court that medical benefits had gone up 3% and prescription benefits had increased 5%.

In their next action the Court unanimously approved taking appropriate action on a retainer agreement between Yoakum County and Allison, Bass & Magee, LLP.

The Court also unanimously approved a .04 mile long by 30 foot wide right of way from Kidd Drive to Highway 214.

They also unanimously approved to accept a right of way to extend County Road 335 one mile south to connect County Road 180 to County Road 190. The width of the Right of Way will be 30 foot; taking 15 feet off of the four land owners involved. Precinct #4 Commissioner Tim Addison informed the Court he had visited with each land owner and no one had a problem with this Right of Way.

In their next action the Court unanimously approved a bid proposal from Quality Air for the repair or replacement of an air conditioner unit at the Yoakum County jail. The total bid was $5,155.

There were no road crossing permit applications, no request for disposal of county equipment, one line item transfer, and no Soil Conservation request.

Commissioner Ray Marion informed the Court the painting at the new Denver City Community Building should be finished by the end of this week. He also noted the electricians showed up on Monday and started their work.

The anticipated completion date is still set for October 31.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box and Tim Addison along with Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, October 16, at 10 am.