Today in a regular scheduled Terry County Commissioners Court meeting, there was not much on the agenda.

After the call to order, invocation and pledge, the court dove right into new business. The courts first item was to examined and pay county bills and was approved. They then moved on to accept and approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

The third item of business was to read and approve the monthly reports from the other offices in the county. The court tabled the reports for the Sheriff’s Office and  the Justice of Peace. Those will be read and approved on the next meeting.

The fourth item that was discussed and approved was the Public School Land Report that allows some county funds to be paid to the three school districts in Terry County. That is Brownfield ISD, Meadow ISD and Wellman-Union CISD.  The amount that is given to each school district is based upon the Average Daily Attendance(ADA) that comes from the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS)

The county was able to give $93,457.51 this year out of the county’s Available School Fund to the school districts in Terry County. The allotment was up from last years funds that were given. Brownfield ISD received $70,284.16, Meadow ISD received $12,495.64 and Wellman-Union CISD received $10,677.61.  The court approved the item and the meeting was adjourned.