Terry County Commissioner’s Court met in regular session today where they approved many items of business.

After the call to order and pledge, they approved the first two items which were to examine and pay bills and the reading of the minutes from the last regular meeting and hearing on the new tax rate.  It was a unanimous approval on both items and the county bills that were paid totaled to $232,517.62.

The next item of business was to approve a sale of a small piece of property to South Plains Community Action which is located at 111 North D Street. Bill Powell who represented SPCA on the sale showed some pictures to give the commissioners an idea of exactly where this piece of property is at. After looking at the pictures and some discussion the court voted unanimously for the sale.  Mr. Powell then gave the court a check in the amount of $10.00.

The commissioners then went on to read the monthly reports from the District Clerk, County Clerk, Justice of the Peace and the County Judge. The Sheriff’s reports were tabled until the next regular meeting. All monthly reports were approved.

The next item that was discussed was the participation in the TXDOT Ramp Grant. By participating in this grant, it will bring some much needed maintenance to the Terry County Airport. County Auditor Jan Hudson explained that the county would put up $100,000 and would get back half of that. A portion of the bills that were approved earlier, $91,000 is for the TXDOT Ramp Grant to participate. The court approved of the participation and funds for the TXDOT Ramp Grant.

The court moved to a public hearing time for those who wanted to voice concern about the Preservation and Restoration Plan for the records that come from the District and County Clerks offices. The court was explained by County Clerk Kim Carter that the Preservation and Restoration Plan has been going for a while. They have many records now that have been copied digitally and cleaned so that they are preserved for the future. After the public hearing was closed on this subject, the commissioners went to an approval vote on the continuation of the Preservation and Restoration Plan. All four commissioners voted to approve.

The next two items on hand was the adoption of the Terry County budget and Terry County tax rate. After two public hearings on changing the tax rate from 80 cent per $100 of assessed value down to 78 cents, the court was able to adopt this rate. Even with property tax being reduced, and with the property values in Terry County rising, there will not be much of an adjustment in the county budget. The 2018 budget was adopted at $10,957,153.50, which is $209,534.00 more than the previous budget.

After the approval of the budget the court went on to the last item of business, which was to look at the bids for two new pick-ups for Precinct 3. Smith Ford of Levelland had a total bid of $58,980 for two Ford F-150’s. The next bid was from Bob Pierce out of Carrolton TX with a total of $63,826 for two Ford F-150’s. The third bid came from Caldwell Country Chevrolet in Caldwell TX, with lowest figure of $49,100 for two Chevy 1500’s. The commissioners voted unanimously to accept the bid from Caldwell Country Chevrolet.

Meeting was adjourned with all four commissioners and County Judge present and the next regular meeting is September 25th, 2017.