As we were on our way home Friday night from Cotton Center after the Wellman-Union football game, my wife had noticed something on social media about a young man who had gotten hurt during the Brownfield and Post football game. The first thing that goes through our minds was that he broke something.

My wife texted this young man’s grandmother to find out more information on what is going on. She said that they were at the ER and he had been hit hard trying to catch a pass. The hit was actually a targeting call that was given from the officials. So I decided to call TownTalks lead broadcaster about the hit. He told me that it was a targeting hit and the Post player was ejected from the game. He also told me that from what he saw, he felt the athlete would be ok.

As we came into Brownfield we went straight to the hospital to check on the young man. When we pulled up to the parking lot, there were many people standing outside of the ER. I would estimate between 50-75. My wife and I both looked at each other in despair, because the last time we had seen that many people outside the ER, somebody had died. We thought, “Did something happen between the time I had gotten off the phone with my lead broadcaster, and now?”

Praise the Lord, the worst had not happened. The young man who was hit with a cheap shot was hurt, but able to go home. Of course, most people who are reading this knows the situation and how he is feeling right now.  From when we left the ER and throughout the weekend, I began to realize a few things.

I saw a group of people, from students, athletes, and adults, being intentional to make sure one of their own is good and ok. Loyalty is one thing that can be hard to come by these days. Looking at the people in that parking lot I could see the sincerity on their faces. Probably the emotions of, “we could’ve lost someone tonight.” Loyalty goes real far in knowing who someone is. I saw a coach up there. He didn’t have to come, but he did. Most likely because he cares. Right as we were leaving, another coach showed up and most likely because he cares.

The majority of the coaches I’ve ever met are men and women who feel the burden of a coach. Sure, this is what they want to do with their lives and they are passionate about it, however, that does not diminish the fact they care about the athletes they coach.  I found out that the superintendent of BISD showed up to check on the young man also. I’m not sure this was heard of before Friday night and let me say that I am impressed by the outpouring support of the BISD employees.

I feel that we need more of this in our community. It’s nice to see men and women come together for such a time as this. Something else I have noticed and many others I have spoken to is the idea that the atmosphere at BISD has changed to a supportive and positive attitude. All of us should understand that in most small towns the school district is the heartbeat of the community. Without the school, most communities die off. Well, I believe that there has been a change in our community. I see a town that might have felt this dark cloud over us constantly, but now is beginning to rise from the darkness that has sat over us for past few years.

When a community can rally around one young man who was injured in a game that most folks in Texas love, we can begin to see what our future looks like and will become. Sure, I know my optimism is up and there are those “naysayers” that want to poison, slander and cause discord in all the good things we do and want to see done, however, I live with a philosophy that there are more us than there are of them. In other words, don’t let those folks who feed off discontent and ugliness push around those who are willing to highlight our community and what our community can become.

So the story is this. We are thankful to God Almighty that this young athlete did not suffer any major injuries. However, sometimes it takes episodes like this to show ourselves that we are on the move about how our community should be. We should be loyal and have integrity, we should be positive and look at the qualities we have as a town, and we should build up each other. The new superintendent came up with a new slogan for BISD, and he used Cubs “C” to help make this slogan. “C Us Rise” or to read it would be “see us rise”.  Such a true statement and slogan. That is what happened Friday night. People, a community, a town rising up when their own was down. #CUsRise