TownTalk Radio has learned today that Kody Brown, the varsity girls basketball coach of the Denver City Fillies has been placed on leave for a possible inappropriate relationship with a student. According to DCISD website, Brown has been employed with DCISD for eight years. We have been told that there will be a staff meeting concerning this situation at 1:15 today. Denver City ISD did send TownTalk Radio a press release concerning the situation. It reads as followed:







DATE: December 6, 2017
FROM: Gary Davis, Denver City ISD Superintendent
As the designated spokesperson and superintendent for the Denver City Independent School District, I am issuing the following statement:

Recently, the Denver City ISD Administration received information that a Denver City ISD employee may have engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a District student. Pursuant to the District’s customary personnel practices, the employee was immediately placed on administrative leave, an internal investigation was initiated, and reports of the alleged misconduct were made to appropriate law enforcement authorities and the state’s educator licensing agency. Denver City ISD will cooperate with these state and local authorities to the fullest extent permitted by law, and will coordinate its own investigation with them.

State and federal law prohibit the District from disclosing personally identifiable student information, as well as confidential personnel information. Moreover, since the District’s and law enforcement’s investigations are on-going, the District cannot provide further information on this matter. Once the District’s investigation is complete, the District’s administration will examine the findings and determine what action(s), if any, are appropriate. The District takes every allegation of employee misconduct seriously and will take all measures necessary to ensure that its students are educated in a safe and nurturing environment.

TownTalk Radio will continue to update as we are made available the information necessary to the this issue.