Alejandro Chavarria takes time to visit with Coach Bowman about his role with the Mustangs

Alejandro Chavarria is one of six sophomores on the varsity adding to their successful season. He is very excited about next year where he is expected to be the starting quarterback. This is his second year on the varsity.

Just a sophomore, Elias Yanez is playing like a seasoned veteran

Since his number got called to go from junior varsity to varsity in time for the Clint Mountain View game, Elias Yanez has made a big impact on the Mustangs success this year from the defensive side of the ball. From his outside linebackers position number 77 has been...

Everardo Navarrete is making a big impact on the Mustangs success this year

Everardo is taking advantage of his first year on varsity by showing his senior leadership on both offense and defense. Even though he says he's enjoying everything about this year, that special moment that sticks out the most was his touchdown catch in the Idalou...

Aaron Mendoza uses his speed and quickness to get positive results

Only a sophomore, Aaron Mendoza has already left his mark on Mustang football. He leads the team in touchdowns and is one of the rushing leaders for the team. Listen to his interview with Coach Bowman as he reflects back on this year and his previous years leading up...

Sam Diaz enjoys his job blocking for the good running backs and is a big part of the Mustangs success

Sam Diaz is quiet by nature but when he puts on the pads he makes his presence known. Playing football since his grade school days he is now the one who opens the holes for his teammates. Sam will not be satisfied until he makes the playoffs....

Kinsey Michaelson and Morgan Johnson share their views on being a Fillie volleyball player

Kinsey and Morgan play a major role in the success of the volleyball team. In this interview with Coach Bowman they talk about their families and the things they enjoy in life. It's a good interview, listen closely......

Macey Jordan and Johnna Hix are two senior members of the Fillie volleyball team that provides leadership for their teammates

Volleyball has been a way of life for seniors Macey Jordan and Johnna Hix. Macey is the leading hitter for the Fillies that provides some power hitting. Johnna turns her talents over to the defensive side of the ball and provides the first hit to the front line and...

Josh Mills adds to the Mustang success on both sides of the ball

Josh Mills plays a big part with his Mustang team. Used as a tight end and defensive end Josh is a big reason for the Mustangs 4-1 record. He shares his thoughts on the future of Denver City football and talks about his expectations in basketball and tennis this...

Braden Galvan has worked his way into a starting position for the Mustangs

Braden Galvan relies on his faith in God to sustain him throughout each weeek and especially on Friday night. Through the first four games this year Braden has been a major part of the Mustangs offense and defense and has helped the Mustangs start the year with a 3-1...

Abel Trejo is one of the Mustangs big lineman

Football has been part of Abel Trejo's life for a long time. He sits down to visit with Coach Bowman where they talked about his football career. The oldest in his family, Abel tries to set an example for his younger siblings to look up to....


2017-18 Mustang Basketball Schedule

District games will be broadcast on (*District Game)

11/17/17 Shallowater Away 6:30 PM
11/20/17 Midland Classical Home 8:00 PM
11/28/17 Idalou Away 8:00 PM
Nov 30-Dec 2 Yoakum City Shootout Home TBA
12/5/17 Muleshoe Away 8:00 PM
Dec 7-9 Midland Oilman Classic Away TBA
12/12/17 Seagraves Home 6:30 PM
12/15/17 Pecos Home 8:00 PM
12/19/17 Snyder Home 6:30 PM
Dec 28-30 Brownwood Tournament Away TBA
1/2/18 Monahans Home 4:00 PM
1/9/18 Greenwood Away 8:00 PM
1/12/18 *Seminole Away 8:00 PM
1/16/18 *Estacado Home 8:00 PM
1/19/17 *Brownfield Away 8:00 PM
1/23/17 *Levelland Away 8:00 PM
1/26/17 *Lamesa Away 8:00 PM
1/30/18 *Seminole Home 8:00 PM
2/2/18 *Estacado Away 8:00 PM
2/6/18 *Brownfield Home 8:00 PM
2/9/18 *Levelland Home 8:00 PM
2/13/18 *Lamesa Home 8:00 PM

2017-18 Fillies Basketball Schedule

District games will be broadcast on (*District Game)

11/10/17 Midland High Away 6:30 PM
11/14/17 Kermit Home 6:30 PM
11/17/17 Andrews Home 6:30 AM
11/20/17 Midland Classical Home TBA
11/21/17 Wall @ C-City Away 5:00 PM
11/28/17 Idalou Away 6:30 PM
Nov 30 – Dec 2 Dever City Tournament Home TBA
12/5/17 Muleshoe Away 6:30 PM
Dec 7-9 Tall City Oilman’s Tournament Away TBA
12/12/17 Farwell Away 6:30 PM
12/15/17 Pecos Home 6:30 PM
Dec 28-30 Brownwood Holiday Classic Away TBA
1/2/18 OPEN
1/5/18 *Levelland Home 6:30 PM
1/9/18 *Lamesa Home 6:30 PM
1/12/18 *Seminole Away 6:30 PM
1/16/18 *Estacado Home 6:30 PM
1/19/18 *Brownfield Away 6:30 PM
1/23/18 *Levelland Home 6:30 PM
1/26/18 *Lamesa Away 6:30 PM
1/30/18 *Seminole Home 6:30 PM
2/2/18 *Estacado Away 6:30 PM
2/6/18 *Brownfield Home 6:30 PM