T&T Earth Movers, a heavy equipment company based in Seminole, has decided not to move forward with a BIDCorp deal that has been in the works for months.

It was announced in October of 2016 that the Seminole company, owned and operated by Terry Suarez, would be relocating to Brownfield, with roughly 70 employees and approximately $5 million in taxable equipment.

Incentives offered by BIDCorp included a discounted rate on the purchase of land and help establishing utilities at the site of the company.

It was recently announced that the company chose a different plot of land to purchase and build their facilities on, north of the land originally chosen in the Jack Cargill Industrial Park.

In the week since that change was announced, the company decided not to proceed with the BIDCorp deal at all.

When asked why the deal fell through, BIDCorp Director David Partlow said, “They felt like it would be best for their business if they stayed in Seminole.”