A passion for sports and an outgoing personality are just two of the traits that make Justin Cabe the perfect fit as TownTalk’s Regional Sports Director, who just completed his first season in the position. Cabe replaced Eric Martinez, who left at the beginning of this year to serve as Branch Director at YMCA of Brownfield.

When he took over in early January, Cabe hit the ground running, ensuring a smooth transition. From managing game broadcasts to interviewing players and coaches, he made certain that TownTalk Sports didn’t miss a beat.

As a Brownfield native and 2008 graduate of Brownfield High School, Cabe is familiar with all of the area schools, as well as many of the players and coaches. Although he wanted to go into farming after high school, his grandfather encouraged him to go to college.

“My granddad didn’t want me to farm. He insisted that I needed to get a college degree first. He didn’t have an education past the eighth-grade, so that was very important to him.”

Heeding his grandfather’s advice, Cabe graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications in 2012, and has since continued working on the farm, while also working part-time for TownTalk Sports.

He has always loved sports, growing up as a die-hard Red Raider fan. He also loves the Yankees, Vikings, Mavs, Duke, and Nascar. “What’s not to love about sports? There’s competition, teamwork, friendships, excitement, and disappointment,” Cabe said.

Cabe is already raising his three year-old son Tucker to love sports just like he does. He has proudly taken him to many sporting events and taught him to get his “guns up” at Texas Tech games.

He will soon have another child with whom he will share his love and knowledge of sports. Cabe and his wife, Amanda, are expecting a little girl, to be named Quinnleigh, due to arrive on August 1st.

When he is not interviewing coaches and athletes for SportsBeat or working on the farm, Cabe enjoys attending Texas Tech football games and going hunting.

Tune into TownTalk Radio online at towntalkradio.com or download the app to hear Justin Cabe on The Morning Show, weekday mornings at 8:30 am, and SportsBeat on Friday Mornings at 9:30 am.