Filings for municipal offices for the May general election will begin January 17th, 2018. Packets for filling can be picked up at the elections office at 507 W. Main. Here are following offices that are up for election.

  • Brownfield Regional Medical Center : 2 Directors At Large
  • Brownfield Independent School Dist. : 2 Trustees At Large
  • Meadow Independent School Dist. : 3 Trustees At Large
  • Wellman-Union Consolidated Independent School Dist.: 2 Trustees At Large
  • City of Brownfield: Mayor, Council Member Dist. 1, Council Member Dist. 2, Council Member Dist. 3
  • City of Meadow: Mayor, 2 Council Members At Large, 1 Council Member At Large (Unexpired Term)
  • City of Wellman: Council Member Place 1, Council Member Place 2, Council Member Place 3
  • South Plains Underwater Conservation Dist. : Director Precint 2, Director Precinct 4