Since 1964 the Meadow Volunteer Fire Department has been a vital part of our community, responding to brush fires, house fires, traffic accidents and EMS calls. The department not only responds to the city’s needs, they also respond throughout Terry County and assists both the City of Brownfield and Wellman Fire Department. In the past year alone, the department has responded to over 100 calls including one house fire in Meadow.

MVFD is made up of 11 active SFFMA trained volunteers of whom 7 are state certified firefighters. Its fleet includes 2 retrofitted M35 Army 6×6 brush trucks (a 2-ton and 2 1/2-ton), a 4,000-gallon tanker and 2 pump trucks. The MVFD boasts a training facility that includes a mobile home, smoke machines, a 150lb. training dummy and several CPR training dummies not to mention 2 sets of “Jaws of Life”. Over the past several years the department has acquired new bunker gear including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus), digital radios, and an SCBA air system fill compressor.

They conduct training and business meetings 1 time a month and attend annual fire school. Each volunteer attends countless hours of training and conducts equipment maintenance, fundraising, and community education on their own time, squeezed between a regular job and family. They are all connected to the city of Meadow whether its family, home, school or work and are dedicated to protecting the citizens of Meadow and surrounding areas.

Pictured above (from left): Kegan Wyatt; Lloyd Seely, Asst. Fire Chief; Rhett Green; Jonothan Truelock; J’Bob Jowers, Training Coordinator; Cody Jenkins and Fire Cheif Jon Williams (Not pictured: Garret Green, Daniel Harrington, and Justin Rodriguez)
Photo Credit: Brittany Moya