A two-part school board meeting was held on Monday May 15, 2017, which began in the Brownfield High School Commons with the presentation of all state qualifying students, as well as the May teacher and student of the month.

After awards were presented, the meeting moved to the BISD Board Room, where Tony Serbantez led the canvas of the election results.

Kim Carter led the swearing in of the three elected school board members, returning Geoff Cooper, and newcomers Timothy Swaringen and Will Hawkins.

The new board members took their seats at the table and the meeting proceeded with election of officers.

Fred Cawthon nominated Tony Serbantez for President of the Board, with Randy Anthony seconding.

Will Hawkins nominated Geoff Cooper for President, with Timothy Swaringen seconding.

Tony Serbantez won the title, with a 4-3 vote; Yvonne Rocha, Fred Cawthon, Randy Anthony, and Tony Serbantez for, and Timothy Swaringen, Will Hawkins, and Geoff Cooper against.

Fred Cawthon was elected Vice-President, and Yvonne Rocha was elected Secretary, both unanimously.

Ray Vasquez gave the Curriculum Report, noting that STAAR testing is complete and some preliminary results are available for 5th and 8th grade. While the reading scores were down a few points, Vasquez noted that he was very proud of the math scores which were up significantly.

Vasquez also noted that there is only one year remaining with the 21st Century Grant which helps provide the ACE program for Brownfield students.

Bobby Vaughan presented the Business Report, noting that school property values have increased for the first time in five years, and that preliminary reports are showing an 8% increase.

Vaughan also reported on the damage to school property from the recent hail storm. Adjustors came out and cited that the Oak Grove roof took the worst hit, along with several air conditioning units and seven school vehicles. The district has a $25,000 deductible for building damage and $1,000 deductible per vehicle. Vaughan noted that more information would be available at the next meeting on the total cost to the district.

The board also approved Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert, & Moss to perfrom the 2016-2017 audit for an estimated $32,000 fee. The board had previously tabled this item to see if there was an interest from any local accounting firms to perform the audit, but there was no interest at this time.

Nori Banda presented the list of resignations and new-hires. Questions were asked by Fred Cawthon, Timothy Swaringen, Geoff Cooper, and Will Hawkins about the nature of the resignations and the noticeable hit that 4th grade took this year.

Will Hawkins questioned the process of exit interviews and how the Board could get access to that information. Superintendent Dr. Monroe told him that those were considered confidential due to them being personnel information, as advised by the district’s attorney. Mr. Hawkins pressed the issue and said that he would like to visit with Dr. Monroe on the matter, to which Dr. Monroe agreed.

Nori Banda went over new hires, which you can read more about here, and resignations, which you can read more about here.

Finally, Dr. Monroe discussed enrollment which is at 1,827 students, down by 41 students from this time last year.