By: Eric Horton

The South Plains Underground Water Conservation District will be turning 25 in January 2018. SPUWCD was originally created from House Bill 281 of the 72nd Texas Legislature in 1991. It was then confirmed by the voters of Terry County in August 1992 and SPUWCD began operating January 1993.

In the State of Texas, “Groundwater Conservation Districts are charged with the conservation, preservation, protection and prevention of waste of groundwater.” The district services test in Terry County throughout the year to make sure that our water has good quality and well and other watering system are properly working. Education programs from SPUWCD is also part of the District’s program to help insure water conservation is being taught so that people are aware of the benefits and downfalls.

The current rainfall reported from SPUWCD through October 31st is 14.42″ and the growing season rainfall is 11.84″. The annual average of rainfall in the District is 17.79″, which the District is 3.37″ away from the average. Here are the past six year totals: 2016 – 16.41″; 2015 – 22.98″; 2014 – 17.39″; 2013 – 9.88″; 2012 – 9.32″ and 2011 – 2.84″.

SPUWCD continues to educate on water conservation. SPUWCD has established a scholarship program for graduating seniors within the District. Applicants need to write a 500 word essay on the topic chosen by SPUWCD. There will a $1000 and a $500 scholarships available to each high school.  The 2017/2018 essay topic is: Why is the constitution amendment of 1917, known as the Conservation Amendment, important to groundwater conservation districts in Texas?

To date, SPUWCD has awarded $10,000 in scholarships. For additional information about the scholarships, please see your school counselor or contact the SPUWCD office @ 806.637.7467

Also in SPUWCD News, the 2018 Calendars are ready! The fourth and fifth graders from the three Terry County school Districts participated in the water conservation calendar contest last spring. The contest winners will be displayed in the 2018 SPUWCD calendars. These calendars are free of charge begining in December. Go by the SPUWCD office at 802 Tahoka Rd, Brownfield. You can also visit the SPUWCD website at to get more news and information.