In a regular scheduled Terry County Commissioners meeting, the big item was the adoption of the 2019 budget.

After all the preliminaries the court went into the business session. Beginning with item #6, the Court approved the monthly reports from the County Clerk, District Clerk, and Ag Extention. The Justice of Peace and Sheriff’s reports were tabled until the next meeting.

Items #7 and #8 were both for the preservation and restoration plan for the records of the District and County Clerks offices. Item #7 was a public hearing for the funds to be used for the project of preserving and restoring the records. Nobody showed up for the public hearing and item #8 was adopted unanimously by the Court so that the preservation and restoration plan can continue for the District and County Clerks. All funds used for this project are budgeted and taken out of the fees that are given to the District and County Clerks office.

The order of election for November 6th, 2018 was the next item of business. This was so that the Commissioners could approve the ballot for the Terry County Precinct 4 Commissioners Election. The ballot was approved unanimously.

The next item of business was the adoption of the Terry County 2019 Budget. The past Commissioners Court meeting the proposed budget was voted on, with Kirby Keesee, John Franks and Narcisco (Shorty) Martinez all three voting to approve the budget. County Judge Butch Wagner did not need to vote, because there was no tie and Commissioner Mike Swain was absent from the meeting. This allowed the Court to adopt the approved 2019 budget and be put into use for 2019.

According to the 2019 budget less revenue from property taxes than from last year’s budget by an amount of $-17,030, which is a .25% decrease from last years budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $15,472.11 and this is with the new tax rate 0f $0.702815 of $100 of property value.

In the summary of the budget, the total expenditures will $11,402,509.00 which is $238,118.50 fewer expenditures from last years budget. The beginning balance of funds is $8,006,835.50 which is $2,790,130.50 less than the previous year’s balance. With current taxes of $6,485,260.00, intergovernmental revenue of $1,635,000.00 and other income of $985,950.00 the total revenue for the 2019 budget is $9,106,210.00.

With the beginning balance and new revenue, the total resources are $17,113,045.50 and the total expenditures of $11,402,509.00 will bring the ending balance to $5,710,536.50 which is $2,296,299.00 less than the ending balance of 2018. Judge Wagner stated that the county employees did get a raise for 2019.

The Terry County 2019 Budget was unanimously adopted by the Court. All four commissioners were present for the adoption. The next Commissioners Court meeting will be held on September 24th at 10:00 AM at the Terry County Courthouse.