In a regular scheduled Terry County Commissioners Court meeting today, the Commissioners decided to allow fireworks for the Fourth of July.

After the call to order and preliminary items of business, the court went to item 7 to hear from the county Sheriff, Larry Gilbreath about a possible inter-local cooperation agreement with Lubbock County.  A inter-local cooperation agreement is a contractual agreement to allow other agencies to use facilities or other operations that may not be available for another agency. Sheriff Gilbreath told the court that this agreement would be with the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office, particularly the jail. The court unanimously approved this agreement and will need to be signed by each commissioner, county judge and sheriff and then will need approval of the Lubbock County Commissioners Court.

After the approval, TownTalk spoke with Sheriff Gilbreath about how the Terry County Sheriff’s Office will use this agreement. Sheriff Gilbreath said, “we will only use this agreement for medical purposes.” Sheriff Gilbreath had told the court that the Lubbock County Jail has a 24/7 medical facility that could support inmates that need medical attention, that Terry County does not have. According to Sheriff Gilbreath UMC requires that two jailers or officers to be on location with an inmate, plus the cost of labor. This would help with any liabilities and cost when it come to certain medical issues of inmates.

The eight and final item was to consider Fourth of July Firework Sales. In the State of Texas each county is responsible to ensure safety measures during firework periods. Also in the State of Texas, county commissioner courts cannot ban the sale of certain fireworks if the drought index (KBDI-Keetch-Byram Drought Index) is below 575. However they can ban certain fireworks that fly even if the drought index is below 575. The drought index is operated by the Texas A&M Forest Service and is updated daily. Terry Count’s KBDI as of June 11th 2018 is 541.62 which is down from 608 a few months ago.

The Terry County Commissioners did authorize the sale of fireworks for the Independence Day period beginning June 24th 2018 through midnight July 4th 2018. The Commissioners did however place a ban on “skyrockets”, “bottle rockets” and “missiles with fins”. A person of business may not sell, detonate, ignite or in any way use these types of fireworks. Here is a link to the order placed by the Terry County Commissioners.

The meeting was adjourned and will reconvene on June 25th 2018 at 10:00 AM.