The Terry County Commissioners Court met today in a regularly scheduled meeting. The lifted burn ban and precinct 4 equipment topped the agenda.

After the call to order by Judge Wagner and the preliminary agenda items, the Court began the with the monthly reports for the Sheriff’s Departments and Justice of The Peace. According to the J.P. office and reports, $36,498.63 was brought in for the month of May.  In the Sheriff’s report, there were 136 calls reported with six emergency calls, 128 non-emergency calls, and two misdials. There were 33 warrants served with 16 coming from the County Court and 17 coming from the District Court. 14 arrest were made and the average daily jail population was 104 inmates. The Commissioners Court approved the reports from both Sheriff Larry Gilbreath and J.P. Angie Garza.

The Court moved on to item eight to authorize Precinct 4 Commissioner John Franks to purchase a road grader. Franks explained that there will be a trade-in with the new one and this will help with efficiency. In the next item of business, it dealt with Precinct 4 as well. The Court approved a $20,000 transfer from reserves to help the cost of parts and repairs. Franks mentioned that the grader that is being traded off for a new one was one of the culprits that the precinct had to spend money on and helped cause the transfer of the $20,000. The Court voted unanimously on these two items.

Moving to item 13, Judge Wagner asked the Court about the burn ban he lifted last week. They felt that as of right now, the lift would be ok. Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Swain said, “if we have more days like we had yesterday, referring to the 106 degrees weather the day before, we’ll need to do something faster.” The Court reached the decision to wait till July 9th, 2018 to reinstate the burn ban if need be. Judge Wagner did emphasize that the current rules on bottle rockets, sky rockets (any with sticks) and finned fireworks are still prohibited during the lifted burn ban.

The meeting was adjourned and the court will meet again on July 9th, 2018 at 10:00 AM