By: Eric Horton

I’ve always been told there are three for-sure things in life. They are, there is a God, I’m not Him and I will pay taxes. I’m beginning to believe that the University Interscholastic League is another element to that saying. You never know when the biennial UIL realignments come around what is going to happen.  You are for-sure something is going to change. There was no denying that this morning.

Brownfield Coach Smith waiting in line to get his UIL realignment pack

TownTalk Sports was at Region 17 Education Service Center this morning to see the release of the biennial UIL realignments. The schools that we cover were in a surprise when the representatives opened the realignment packets.

Let’s take a look at Brownfield and Denver City. At the beginning of December 2017, UIL released the classification that schools would be. Brownfield and Denver City both fell from 4A to 3A and would be 3A Division I in football. So in football, the question that folks were asking, “Will Brownfield and Denver City go north or south, and if they go south, will Slaton follow?” As luck would have it, Brownfield and Denver City went south to Division I District 1-3A with two other schools, Kermit and Tornillo. Brownfield and Denver City are familiar with both teams because UIL placed them together in a district in 2013. The odd thing is, it’s not going south, as it is being placed in a four team district.

Yep, all four schools will go to the playoffs and scheduling pre-district games will be tough. Coach Smith of Brownfield said, “Never saw a four team district coming, it kinda makes scheduling nuts around here.” Coach Smith also went to say, “It’ll be good, there will be a lot of travel.” Coach Smith at the time TownTalk Sports interviewed him, he was scrambling to find other schools to fill the schedule.

Seagraves Coach Hereford talking about alignment issues

In Class 2A where TownTalk Sports covers Plains, Seagraves and Tahoka there was of course change also. The past two football seasons Plains, Seagraves and Tahoka had to go south and east to contend with Hamlin, Roby and Roscoe. For the next two football seasons Plains and Seagraves will go north in Division II District 2-2A and compete against Bovina, Farwell, Sudan and Springlake-Earth. TownTalk Sports talked with both Plains and Seagraves coaches. Coach Hereford of Seagraves said, “We have some history with all of them, it’s non-district history. ”  Coach Hereford feels that it makes sense and was glad that they didn’t have to travel further. Coach Hernandez had about the same attitude as well. Coach Hernandez said, ” It was a surprise, never thought we would go up north.” Coach Hernandez also talked about the familiarity of the other teams because of past scrimmages. He also spoke about Seagraves saying, “We are still going to have Seagraves in there, you know thats a rivalry.”

Tahoka was divided from Plains and Seagraves by way of being placed in Division II District 4-2A. They are placed with Crosbyton, Lockney, Ralls, Smyer and a new comer to eleven man football and inner-county school, New Home. TownTalk Sports was unable to speak with Coach Overstreet of Tahoka because he was very busy getting the schedule filled up.

Ropes Coach Jackson working on football schedule

On to the Class A ranks where TownTalk Sports covers Meadow, Ropes and Wellman-Union. All three schools will stay together in both football and basketball. However, the change that has occurred is that Wellman-Union went up to Division I in Class 1A and is placed with cross county rival Meadow, Ropes, Whiteface and a new team to six-man football, Morton. Morton had finished their 2017 football season playing an outlaw six-man schedule and did very well.

Coach Hood of Wellman-Union said about the district, “Its going to be tough, anytime you get in there with Morton who just dropped down playing eleven man football, you got Ropes who is traditionally rich and Meadow and Whiteface is no slap. Its going tough district wise.”  Coach Kittley of Meadow told us about the football district as well, “Its what I figured, that what everyone has been telling me, so thats what I figured would happen.” The big surprise that came out of this particular district is that they are in Region II, not in Region I. This is Division I District 5-1A, meaning they are shifted to Region II. Both Hood and Kittley spoke about that was the biggest surprise.

Brownfield’s boys basketball Coach Rhoades waiting patienly, figuring out schedules

So there you have it, just a little of what the UIL can change. Of course with football district changing, there was sure to be basketball districts changing as well. For Brownfield and Denver City they will be in an eight team district for basketball. They will be in District 2-3A with Abernathy, Idalou, Littlefield, Lubbock Roosevelt, Shallowater and Slaton. Just from fans point of view, this will be a tough basketball district in both men and women.

In the 2A schools we cover, there was only one simple adjustment to the district. Plains, Seagraves and Tahoka will still be in District 5-2A with Smyer and Sundown, but will have to let Morton go away because they dropped to 1A. This will be one of only two districts in Class 2A that has a five teams in the district. All other thirty Class 2A districts have six to eight teams.

In 1A, Meadow, Ropes and Wellman-Union will stay together and drop New Home, Southland and Wilson and add Dawson, Loop and O’Donnell and will be call District 7-1A. Coach Kittley of Meadow and Coach McCann the Ropes Lady Eagles coach were very happy with outcome of the basketball district.

TownTalk Sports should have some tentative football schedules out tomorrow and volleyball realignments as well.

For more information on the realignments click on this link UIL Realignments