The Commissioners Court met in regular session on Monday, September 11, where they addressed their regular agenda.

Moving into the agenda the Court moved to audit and settle all accounts against the County and direct their payments. After looking over the bills and addressing any concerns a motion was made and unanimously approved to pay County bills that totaled $155,324.66 and Medical facility bills that totaled $215,490.85.

In the next item the Commissioners unanimously approved the Tax Assessor/Collector’s report. It showed that office had received $42,761.14 during August.

The Court also unanimously approved monthly reports from Precinct #1 Justice of Peace, Precinct #2 Justice of the Peace, County Clerk, and District Clerk for the month of August.

County Auditor Darinda McWhirter informed the court there had been an error in the amount of funds needed for the purchase of two vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office. During their last meeting the Commissioners approved $75,733.86 for the vehicles. That amount was amended to $76,117.18, which was an increase of $383.32. The Court unanimously approved the amended amount. This total includes a turnkey job of radios, lights in the grill, sirens, radar, and all other law enforcement items.

Tracey Woodward with MSC met with the Commissioners to discuss and take appropriate action on server upgrades at Shinnery Oaks nursing home. Woodward told the Commissioners the current computer servers had been in use for seven years and were no longer up-to-date with the new software. She said with the elimination of one server they could purchase the servers needed along with software for $23,300.23 which is lower than the first estimated cost of $45,000.

Woodward went on to inform the Commissioners they were also needing to upgrade wireless points in the facility. This would make the total cost $35,036.90. That would include two servers, software, and wireless points.

She also told the Commissioners an administrator for the facility will be in place on October 1. After the new administrator had arrived and settled in Woodward would bring her to a meeting so the Commissioners could meet her.

Woodward also passed out April, May, June, and July financial reports.

Next on the agenda the Juvenile Probation department requested funds from contingency to provide for anticipated expenditures through the year end. Auditor McWhirter informed the court this office needed almost $26,000 to bring her bills current since she had very few funds left in her current budget.

After explaining where the funds would come from the Court unanimously approved to transfer $25,806.61 into that account to bring them current on their bills. McWhirter also expressed a concern over future bills for this department because of the limited funds left for the remainder of the budget year.

There was one road crossing permit application from Walsh Petroleum in Precinct #3. This request was unanimously approved.

There were no request for the disposal of county equipment, no line item transfers, and no Soil Conservation request.

Commissioners were given an update on the new Denver City Community Building. They were informed all outside brick work should be finished in two to three weeks, the dry-in for the inside was finished, and they were still shooting for an end of October completion date.

Commissioner Woody Lindsey asked about a handicapped accessible button to activate doors for the new facility and he was informed this would be addressed and taken care of.

Commissioner Lindsey also informed the court of a curb and gutter project around the perimeter of the facility. He said the total cost for this will be $21,927.38 and would be taken care of by a local contractor. The Court unanimously approved his request for the funds.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box, and Tim Addison along with Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, September 18, at 10 am.