Growing house plants is something many find themselves doing during colder months, whether they plan to or not. Sometimes the choice to grow houseplants is planned; but when early frost arrives in West Texas, many outdoor plants become indoor as well. Rather than the usual tips for “indoor” plants, these 3 tips will apply to both traditional indoor plants and those which become indoor plants by circumstance.

3 Great Tips for Growing Indoor – House Plants

While the three great tips for growing indoor and house plants are commonly-known, we are going to apply the top three things you can do to grow ANY kind of plant, whether it is a common household plant or something being protected from the frost of winter. Kicking off this list of tips is perhaps the most important item…or at least running a close tie with the number 2 tip. Anyway, here they are, your 3 Great Tips for Growing Indoor and House Plants:

  1. Good, strong lighting – Plants require light for converting CO2 into oxygen and this process is involved in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the way that plants create food, both for themselves and for us.
  2. Clean water – Tap water contains many tiny particles from chemicals like chorine to fluoride to minerals like calcium, lead, and others…even dirt. This water may be fine when plants are growing outdoors, but when growing inside, it is always best to deliver clean, pure water along with…
  3. Food – aka fertilizer. All life needs food and plants are no different. But when growing them indoors, they have less chance to obtain their food. In nature, much of the food consumed by plants are forms of nitrogen and other minerals. These are generally delivered by rain and dew, which the plants miss out on when spending time indoors.

Three Tips for Growing Plants Indoors

We know that these three items are largely common sense, but it never hurts to have a reminder. To further make this point, I am reminded that the Football season is wrapping up. During playoff times, many conversations come round to the basics. Yes, just as the basics play a key role in sports, the basics cannot be forgotten when gardening…whether the garden is inside or out.