BISD teachers and employees receive significant raises

From the Superintendent Chris Smith:

House Bill 3 is a landmark school finance and property reform measure that certainly impacted schools positively. It established a new state minimum salary schedule for teachers, nurses and counselors, which is definitely a benefit to everyone. While every district received more money to meet the new standard, there are some districts that already paid significantly over state minimums at most levels. BISD is one these districts.

We anticipate HB3 will provide us with an additional $700,000 in funding. The new law states that a district must use 30% of new money for raises. BISD has elected to commit 100% of new money to faculty and staff raises. To our knowledge this would make BISD the only district to commit the entirety of new money to our human capital. Our leadership team and our board of trustees are committed to you and to making Brownfield ISD the best place to work in the region.

The law required emphasis on teachers between 10 and 20 years so those teachers in that experience window will see a larger raise but no teacher, nurse or counselor, will receive less than $2000 raise regardless of where they fall on the pay scale. Our new scale will be one of the highest in the area as we are committed to recruiting and retaining the best quality teachers for our district and our students. If you are a member of our awesome support staff in food service, transportation, maintenance, or administrative services you will also see a 3% raise. We know that without your work and support our team could not possibly serve our students the way they deserve to be served


Chris Smith