1e97b253a57d684d5105796e745aba2cDuring a special School Board meeting on July 7 the Brownfield ISD Board of Trustees voted to approve new hires and resignations for the upcoming 2016-17 school year.

The following resignations were accepted:

  • Morgan Murry-BHS Business ED
  • Kylie Pearce-BBAC PK
  • Morgan Castillo-BBAC PK
  • Lisa Bowman- BBAC PK
  • Jennifer Gustin- BMS Math
  • Tara Sapp- OG Special Ed
  • Lucia Chavez- CH PE
  • Stacy Bloedel- CH K
  • Emily Fletcher- BBAC PK

The following new hires were accepted:

  • Sherry Welch- Elementary Teacher
  • Jennifer Collins- Elementary Teacher
  • Vanessa Vasquez- Elementary Teacher
  • Tanner Strickland- Secondary Teacher
  • Sheri Turnbow- Elementary Teacher
  • Amanda Brace- Elementary Teacher
  • Ryun Martinez- Elementary Teacher
  • Jasmine Portillo- Secondary Teacher
  • Kristen Webb- Elementary Teacher
  • Jennifer Rocha- Elementary Teacher