by Eric Woods
News Director, TownTalk News


When the Brownfield Regional Medical Center Board of Directors met on Monday, there were several items on the agenda including discussions involving what to do concerning an empty board position.

Other items on the agenda included considering purchasing a vacuum pump and purchasing a 12 lead EKG system for the Rural Health Clinic.

BRMC CEO Mike Click began by telling board members the current vacuum pump is water-sealed vacuum pump and is original with the building. He added that representatives from Trane had found a replacement that was not water sealed and the cost for that unit is $59,040. Since the cost is over $10,000, Click said he needed board approval, which was unanimously given.

As for the empty board seat, the discussion began with board member June Cooper nominating Ad Venture Marketing owner Lajuana Martinez.

Cooper complimented Martinez on her support of BRMC.

“I think she would be an asset and she’s been very supportive of us,” said Cooper.

Board member Sylvia Dingus then asked when the position would come up for reelection to which Click responded the seat would be up for election in May.

He also said other positions up for reelection included those held by members Steve Mason and Justin Hesse.

Click then said the only other person to approach BRMC with an interest in serving on the board was Sue Cottrell.

There was a lengthy pause until Click mentioned the item was not an action item, and board members could ask potential board members to attend the next board meeting followed by another discussion at that time.

Cooper then reiterated her support for Martinez.

Board member Joe Silva then mentioned that Jimmy Garza had verbalized an interest in the empty seat. Silva mentioned to fellow board members that Garza is active in the community as well as being active in the Knights of Columbus.

Click said the three potential board members were all excellent choices and well qualified. He was also impressed with the fact that there was an interest in serving, as that had not been the case in previous years.

It was decided to table the matter until potential candidates could be asked to attend the next hospital board meeting.

The next item was to consider purchasing a 12 lead EKG machine for the Rural Health Clinic. Member Brian Paiva made a motion to approve the item with Dingus making a second to that motion. The approval unanimously passed. The cost for the machine is set at $11,563.

Board members also hear from a representative of Trane concerning the status of the new air handling unit. The representative showed a schematic and stated a field measurement had not been taken to install the unit. Instead the unit was ordered based on building drawings. The representative admitted that was an error, and was sure why that step wasn’t taken.

Paiva showed concern over the temporary unit, and informed the representative it was not heating properly.

“It’s going to get cold and it’s going to get cold fast and I’m a little bit concerned,” said Paiva.

The Trane representative assured board members a technician would be sent to rectify the issue.

Click then gave his report and mentioned the BRMC pharmacy had just completed its review from the state and was found with no deficiencies.

He also mentioned the state review of the Rural Health Clinic had just completed and very few deficiencies were present. One of those deficiencies included torn seats in the waiting area.

“The surveyor was very complimentary of the staff and everything was in place,” said Click.

Click also said the state survey for the Trauma Unit would begin Dec. 3.

Click finished his report by giving board members information concerning a meeting with Joint Elections Administrator Krystal Valentin. Dates scheduled included the filing period, which runs from Jan. 20 until Feb. 19.

The drawing for positions on the ballot will be held Feb. 19 and early voting will begin April 25 and run through April 29 and then begin again on May 2-3. Election day is May 7. Canvassing of the votes, he said, will need to be done between May 10 and May 17, which will be done on the date of the board meeting, May 15.

All members were present at the meeting.