The Brownfield City Council met today in a regularly scheduled meeting with a few items on hand. After the preliminary items that took place, the council dove right into Item #5 which was to hear from Brent Clifford with Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper about the final plans and engineering options for the Brownfield Sports Complex at Coleman Park and consider calling for bids for the construction of the new sports complex.

Clifford gave a final proposed plan to the Council and an estimated or opinion cost with a quick power point presentation. According to PS&C, the estimated or opinion cost to the new sports complex should be around $4,291,900.00. In this cost, it includes a $187,400.00 construction contingency and ready to use facilities when completed.

Before voting to accept the final proposal, Councilman Chuck Nave stated, “I would still like to see the park moved myself. ” This is in reference to the idea that there is other land that might be available that is flat so that the dirt work would not be as expensive like it will be at the current location. Others also feel that the location of the sports complex might be better if it was located where it could easily be seen. On the TownTalk Show this morning with Mayor Geronimo Gonzales, he felt that all possibilites should be put on the table to make sure that the city is making the best decision for the community.

Final Plan of the Brownfield Sports Complex

After the statements from Councilman Nave, the item was motioned to be voted on and was unanimously approved. With this approval, the next step will be calling for bids. All bids will be sealed and competitive and will be opened around the first of February for the public to hear. The bids will then go through a “grading” scale to make sure that the city will hire the best with the resources that it has.

Item #6 was tabled because of the representative of the company who will help with the Certificate of Obligation Bond, that will help fund the new sports complex, was not able to be in attendance.

Moving on to items #7 & #8, was to consider the post-funding report from the Brownfield Chamber of Commerce for funding from the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT Funds) for the 71st Annual Harvest Festival and the 2018 Music and Motors Concert & Car Show. The Chamber of Commerce was approved for $3800.00 to be given back.

The only Council Member not present was Leon Pope. The next Council Meeting is slated for Thursday, January 17th at 7:30 AM.