Brownfield ISD Board met last night in a regularly scheduled meeting and provided a condition assessment report.

In the October 2018 BISD School Board Meeting, the board moved to allow Parkhill, Smith & Cooper to do a facility condition assessment on the Brownfield Middle School. The board received information about the Brownfield Middle School facility condition assessment. Alan Wolfe with Parkhill, Smith & Cooper began the presentation of the condition of BMS. There were 11 top needs at BMS that according to PS&C will need to be taken care of soon. The 11 needs include paving repairs & replacements, exterior repairs – specifically door, windows, & stone, roofing, accessibility, security, interior – specifically restrooms, lockers & gym areas, plumbing – specifically sewer lines, heating & A/C, electrical & fire alarm upgrades,

The most important needs are the plumbing and electrical with the fire alarm system being an important need also. Mr. Wolfe said, “I wished I had put plumbing first, because of the severity of how bad it really is.” According to Wolfe, there are still pipes in BMS that are clay and are about 65-70 years old.

Moving into the direction of the electrical of BMS, Isaac Aguilar one of PS&C’s electrical specialist talked about the service entrances that the school has. Aguilar mentioned that there are five to six service entrances to the electrical boxes, whereas code requires only one service entrance for safety reasons and if the electricity needed to be shut off immediately, there would only be one accessible place.

Aguilar also mentioned the need for new wiring of electricity. In some of the pictures that were taken, it shows how some of the breaker boxes have been replaced, but the wiring was old.

He said, “since this was built in 1950, the electrical was done with hot wires and neutrals, so there are no ground wires in the panels like they are required to have now according to code.”

Mr. Aguilar also expanded upon the fire safety at BMS. When he does a facility condition assessment, he also looks at the fire safety. According to Mr. Aguilar, there are no fire alarm systems, smoke detectors or pool systems at BMS, which is a major concern of his.

Other issues that the board was informed about was the accessibility of the entrances and a single point of entry. When approaching the main doors at BMS, the accessibility is not up to code because there is a step up as soon as the doors are open. The threshold must be flat for all ADA people.  Also, there is no true single point of entry at BMS, which is now required by TEA.

With all nine top needs plus other needs such as certain classroom sizes that are now required by TEA, the estimated cost if these over a 20 year period would be around $27.8 million in replacement and refurbish cost. That does not take into account the rising cost of construction work. Also noted in the presentation was the Building Performance Measurements, which gives BMS as a current facility a “very poor” Facility Condition Index.

This was an informational item only on the agenda, so there were no decisions made upon the information that was given.