Brownfield ISD School Board met in a regularly scheduled meeting last night. After the call to order and preliminaries, the board went to item number 6 for reports.

The new Assistant Superintendent Melissa Oliva presented the curriculum report as well as the End of Course and STAAR exams results. According to Oliva, the STAAR reports are preliminary results and they can change because of the online issues that were statewide. So after the clean up from the online glitch, the percentage points could go up in favor of BISD.

Oliva provided a chart for three years to look at the comparison of the STAAR exam. The chart compares the years 2016, 2017, and 2018. Looking at the chart, Oliva said, “there are some areas we to work on.” The district is working on a plan to address the issues in K-12th ELAR. However, math has become a strength for BISD. Board member Geoff Smith said, “whatever is happening in math needs to be happening across the board, it looks to me like.” Board member Will Hawkins also chimed in with a question, asking, “Have you had the opportunity to look at the curriculums at the 5th, 6th and 7th level of mathematics?” Oliva told the board that yes, she has been visiting with campus administration.

With visiting the campuses they have identified several areas in which there are being several things being purchased but nothing being used with fidelity. This is considered a big deal because one campus could be using something different than another campus or even on the same campus, so it creates confusion. Also, the campus administrators did not know that there were other things available to them that were never told to them. Oliva said, “so making sure that we (administration) are communicating with them, that we’re working together, that we’re all on the same page, to say ok, this is what we are looking at K-12.” Oliva also noted that the expectation would be that the whole district will be using the same curriculum.

Hawkings asked about the alignment of curriculum. Superintendent Chris Smith talked about how he has been looking at the curriculum since he has been here and that different programs that didn’t follow a particular curriculum. With that happening there has been a gap between students. Smith did respond to Hawkins question by saying, “by the time we come back and teachers are back in place, that there will be an aligned, vertically aligned, guaranteed viable curriculum that will be in place and being followed, it just hasn’t been in place, sir.” Smith did express that the district will be going with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) Resource System for the curriculum and of course the aligned chart.

Moving on to item #7, AD & Head Football Coach Duane Toliver took the floor to talk about the new coaching staff. He feels that the district has brought in some great coaches and feels that they will stay. Toliver mentioned that he is still in search of more coach to add to his staff.  Toliver talked about the summer strength and conditioning program and there between 40 to 50 athletes coming out each day and getting better. The last seven on seven football game was played last night against Sundown and the three pst games Brownfield has won. Both women and men’s basketball programs have had some playing time this past weekend at a team camp in New Home and both teams came out 10-0 and the highlight of the women’s basketball team was that they beat Ropes, who had not lost a game in their summer league.

On to the monthly finance report given by Teresa Montemayor showed that the district has been shaving off funds from the deficit budget that was approved from last year. The deficit that was approved for the budget was $265,177 and it looking as if the deficit will only be $138,992 with a projected fund balance of $4,238,554.00. Also, 81% of the budget has been used.

Safety and security was also a hot topic in the meeting. When Smith was hired at BISD he went to each campus and realized that there was a major need for better safety and security for the campuses. The board approved Guardian Security Solutions to begin the process of making the campuses more safe and secure. Guardian plans to provide a new access control system to cover the entry points at each campus. When the project is finished, any person who wants to enter the school will be seen first on the video camera and will not able to just walk in anymore. The amount that this security and safety upgrade will cost around $142,000 and will not add to the deficit. Smith said there will eventually be some more upgrades and expansion to the security and safety of the buildings and he noted that the safety and security of the students is the highest priority.

The board took action on approving the professional new hires and resignations. The new hires include Brittany Bridges: Math @ BMS, Lauren Peyton: Social Studies/Coach @ BMS, Jane Pierce: Math @ BMS, Donnie Reston: Band @ BMS, and Kimberly West: ELAR @ Oak Grove. Two other professional staff were reassigned as Instructional Specialist. Kelsey Lynch will be at BHS and Rachel Wheeler will be at BMS.

There were five resignations that include Whitney Noble: 5th Science @ Oak Grove, Hector Limon Spanish/Coach @ BMS, Jameson Henninger: Theatre Arts @ BHS, and Landry Gunter: PE/Coach @ BHS.

The meeting was adjourned and the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 16th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM, however, this could be changed to Thursday, July 19th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM, so please stay tuned.