L-R, Cassidy Cooper, Jeffrey Davis, Mayor Gonzales, Tucker Nelson, Jason Cabe, & Delilah Martinez Bynum. Image credit Kelly Burris

Brownfield ISD will be bringing the Shattered Dreams Project to Brownfield next week in an effort to encourage students from underage drinking, drunk driving, and distracted driving. Several clubs and organizations with BISD have made this project a priority.

BHS Student and President of the National Honor Society Cassidy Cooper has said, “We would like to bring Shattered Dreams back about every three years so that all high school students will be able to experience the importance of this cause. Also, this event will focus more on distracted driving than drunk driving, because we’ve seen recently the death of someone because of that.”

The Shattered Dreams Project is school based reality scenario of a major car accident that typically involves underage drinking and drinking & driving. The project brings to life what a real life accident and other situations could be like in the event of a teenager being distracted, drinking and driving, and influenced by drugs.

This two day event will have teens who are injured and deceased with actual first responders, police, and other professionals that deal with these types tragedies. Parent of the teens who are deceased will have an opportunity to read a eulogy like they would at a funeral on the second day of the project.

Yesterday, Mayor of Brownfield Geronimo Gonzales signed a proclamation proclaiming that March 17th thru March 23rd, 2019 will be “Distracted Driving Awareness Week”

Mayor Gonzales said, “Yesterday morning I was given the opportunity to meet with young adults from Brownfield High School. Through a proclamation, I have declared the week of March 17th – 23rd, 2019 as “Distracted Driving Awareness Week”. During this week, students will participate in the “Shattered Dreams” program. I encourage parents and children to discuss the importance of putting your phone away while you drive. Our community has experienced the loss of life locally due to distracted driving. No text, call or app is worth risking your life or the lives of others on our daily commutes.

The Shattered Dreams Project will begin on March 21st and end the next day March 22nd with parents reading eulogies for their deseased children who part in the tragedy.