Lately, some of the restaurants in Brownfield have undergone a reconstruction to make the buildings newer and have more up to date furnishings; like McDonald’s, KFC/Long John’s Silver, and most recently Pizza Hut was completely torn down then re-done from the ground up adding with it a Taco Bell.

Add one more to the list as Burger King is also getting an update. Burger King is currently open however it is only for the drive-through at this time. As you have seen when you drive by they are getting an all-new storefront and a complete inside remodel.

TownTalk spoke with Manager Jasmin and she explained that the whole process will be completed by mid-April of this year.  The play area will remain the same so kids can still enjoy their play place.

For two more weeks the drive-through will remain open to serve you, but then the whole store will be closing down for ten to fifteen days and will re-open in April with a whole new look.