TownTalk was able to sit down and catch up via phone with the new boys’ basketball coach at Sweetwater High School and Brownfield Alumnus, Bryan Loera.

While attending Brownfield High School Bryan was involved in football, basketball, and baseball. Bryan said, “I feel like during my time at Brownfield we were pretty successful and I enjoyed my time there.”

Upon graduating from Brownfield in 2007, Loera attended Lubbock Christian University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

After graduating from LCU, Loera got his first job in Amarillo at Crockett Middle School where he was a P.E. teacher and a coach for two years. After his time in Crockett he moved to Muleshoe where he was an assistant basketball coach for three years. During this previous season Loera was promoted to Head Boys Basketball Coach. Loera’s first season as a head coach was impressive. His team not only made the playoffs, but made a deep run until they were eventually beaten by Canadian. Loera said, “We had a pretty successful season until we ran into Canadian and as many people know, they have had some really good teams in the last three years.” Loera was then offered the Head Boys coaching job in Sweetwater, “I saw it as an opportunity to move up a class (Sweetwater is a 4A division II school) and better my résumé.”

When asked why he chose to be a coach, Loera said, “It was something that I always wanted to do and it was my way to be involved in athletics after my career was over. Plus, the positive impact teachers and coaches had on me along the way.” Loera listed former BHS math teacher, Candy Land and former BHS basketball coach, Jay Cantrell as two that influenced him the most, along with many other coaches that were around Brownfield at the time.

While attending BHS Bryan met Katie Hancock, who would later become his wife.

Bryan and Katie just celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on June 23rd. In those five years, they have had two kids, Maxine who is three years old and Arlen who is 10 months old. Loera said, “When I’m not working, coaching those two definitely keep me busy and I learn a lot from them. You wouldn’t think that but you do and I enjoy it.”

In closing, Loera said, “I’m thankful for y’all doing this. I’m still a Brownfield guy even though I may have to compete against them, that’ll be the one night I’m not rooting for them. Facing the Cubs definitely brings back some memories, but I’m happy to see the success they are having and maybe one day we will make our way back.”

TownTalk would like to thank Bryan for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. You can click here to listen to the full interview with Bryan where we talk about his coaching style and much more.