Commissioners Court was postponed for one day to allow commissioners the opportunity to attend a meeting in Lubbock addressing property taxes, but once they met on Tuesday, March 22 it didn’t take long to handle the one item on their agenda as they adjourned in a record 10 minutes.

Before they addressed the agenda County Judge Jim Barron thanks those who attended the property tax meeting in Lubbock and had a special thanks to Commissioner Tim Addison for his part in the meeting.

The only item that needed to be addressed was to approve a petition to Occidental Permian LTD for the right and authority to bore, lay, construct, install, occupy, maintain, repair, replace, and remove under county roads in Yoakum County, Texas a carbon steel conduit under County Road 335, .6 mile north of intersection of county road 330 and county road 335. The roads in question are in Precinct 1. The court unanimously approved the request.

In auditing and settling all accounts against the County the Court approved to pay $71,222.48 from the General Fund, $445.52 from Precinct #1, $533.91 from Precinct #2, $4,806.14 from Precinct #3, $24,456.52 from Precinct #4, $124.01 to the Yoakum County Civic Center, $195.77 to the Yoakum County Airport, $1,084.80 to the Yoakum County Landfill, and $23,185.00 to Permanent Improvement for a grand total of $104,054.15.

In medically related items $145,975.47 was paid to the hospital fund, $1,827.83 to the West Texas Medical Center, $468.42 to the Plains Clinic, and $205.97 to Plains Lifestyle for a grand total of $148.477.69 for Hospital and Clinic bills.

Other medically related bills included $1,153.46 to Home Health, $18,529.29 to Dialysis, and $10,985.61 to Brock’s Carpet for an overall total of $179,146.05 of medically related bills.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Ty Earl Powell, and Tim Addison along with County Judge Jim Barron were all in attendance.

The next meeting will be held on Monday, March 28 at 10 am in the County Courthouse.