The Commissioners Court met in regular session on Monday, January 30 where they addressed their weekly agenda.

In the absence of Judge Jim Barron, Commissioner Woody Lindsey conducted the meeting.

Before the meeting started Lauren Heinrich, representing U. S. Representative Jodey Arrington of the 19th congressional district, was in attendance to introduce herself and to inform the Commissioners if there was anything she could do on behalf of Mr. Arrington to let her know.

Agrilife Agent Bubba Lamolinare was present to give his monthly report to the Court. Among his recent activities were a conference with representatives from Terry County and two trips to Ft. Worth and a future trip this week. He also gave a report on the recently held Yoakum County Junior Live Stock show where he said several of his 4H students did well in the competition.

“One of the things I stress to these kids is to not only make sure their animals are taken care of, but to help each other too,” Lamolinare said. “4H rabbits on exhibit had grown from 10 last year to over 40 this year.”

He went on to say six buckles had been won by his students.

Future activities include Family and Consumer projects. He added several students were wanting to do fashion projects that he was not familiar with, but he would get training from other county agents to help him in this field.

In other business, Commissioner Tim Addison presented a revised road crossing permit for the Court to act on. The Commissioners had added a few revisions from their last meeting to the permits that must be obtained from oil field related companies in order to place pipelines under county roads. A motion to approve the revisions was unanimously approved.

A request had been presented to the Court to use the clubroom in the old courthouse on Thursday nights between 7 and 9 pm for alcoholic anonymous meetings. It was implied they were wanting to wave the $50 rental fee. Commissioner Lindsey noted he didn’t mind them using the room, but had some reservations about waving the fee. Commissioner Tommy Box asked to table this item until he had time to get more information on it.

County Auditor Darinda McWhirter said there were two mini refrigerators and a water dispenser along with some computer related items that needed to be approved for disposal.

There were no line item transfers and no Soil Conservation request.

Commissioner Ray Marion informed the court that several new crews would be arriving this week to continue work on the new Denver City Community Building. He also said demolition has started on the old Civic Center building. The County is sharing the expense of the demolition with the City of Denver City.

The court audited and settle all accounts against the county and directed their payment. The County had total bills of $30,664.45 and hospital medical bills that totaled $237,657.34.

Commissioners Woody Lindsey, Ray Marion, Tommy Box, and Tim Addison were all present. County Judge Jim Barron was not in attendance.

The next meeting will be held on February 6 at 10 am in the county courthouse.