The Denver City City Council met in regular session on Monday, December 3, where they addressed their regular agenda.

After the Invocation was led by Councilman Mark Sherman a few announcements were made by Council members. Comments were made by several Council members concerning the Tamale Festival held last weekend at Stuff Moorhead Park. City Manager Stan David also thanked all of the volunteers who helped with the event.

Councilman Keith Mensch also congratulated Fillies volleyball coach Megan David for being selected Lone Star Coach of the Year. Councilman Clinton Bowman also congratulated Fillie standout player Holly Hemmeline for being selected as the Lone Star Player of the Year.

Bowman also asked David when the new Executive Director for the Economic Development Corporation would be on the job and was informed Monday, December 10. Current Director David Mitchell announced his retirement several months ago. With no other announcements, the Council unanimously approved the minutes from the November 19 meeting.

Fire Chief Cody Freeman was present at the meeting to update the Council on his research of finding insurance for the fire hall. After Freeman was at the last meeting with only one quote the Council asked him to contact each insurance agency in Denver City asking if they dealt with this kind of insurance and how much the cost would be. Freeman said he did contact each agency and reported back that State Farm, Farmers Insurance, and Mustang Insurance did not handle the insurance the city was needed for the Fire Hall. However, he noted that Kizer Insurance actually had four companies that could provide the type of insurance needed. The Council then voted to increase all call outs by $2 to cover the premium expense.

A large crowd of residents was also in attendance to question the Council concerning a new curb and gutter project. With the addition of the new housing development where the former Denver City ISD Elementary building was located it was decided curbs and gutters would be installed not only on that portion but also every street from Mustang to Main that included West 5th, West 6th, North Ave C, North Ave D, and North Ave E.

All residents in that area received a letter from the city notifying them of the project and invited them to a public hearing concerning this project. David went over the financial options of the project that included up to an 80% discount if paid for in a timely manner. Several of those in attendance were concerned about a “stand-up” curb would hinder parking or entering a driveway. David said two types of curbs could be used, a “stand-up” or “lay-down” flat curb. That explanation relieved several in attendance who were concerned they would not be able to enter their driveway.

Four companies had submitted bids for the project and after discussing the different options for each company the Council unanimously approved the bid from A L Construction LLC from Seagraves. Their bid included $18 per linear foot for labor and materials and $5 per linear foot to haul off the excess materials. David said the work would probably begin in two months when the company had completed current projects they were working on. No bids from local contractors were submitted.

Moving on to the next item the Council unanimously approved the City of Denver City Investment Policy. David said this is the third year in a row that no changes were made to the policy.

The Council then went into a short Executive Session for “deliberations concerning real property.”

Following the Executive Session, the Council unanimously approved the payment of $64,276.66 in regular bills.
Councilmembers Joan Breith, Ronald Weir, Robert Hanneman, Clinton Bowman, Mark Sherman, and Keith Mensch along with Mayor Tommy Hicks were present.

The next meeting will be on December 17 at 7 pm in the City Hall chambers.