The Denver City City Council met in regular session on Monday, January 7, where they addressed their regular agenda.

After the Invocation was led by Councilmember Joan Breith, Councilman Clinton Bowman wished fellow Councilmember Mark Sherman a Happy Birthday. Sherman jokingly noted it was good to finally reach the ripe old age of 30.

Moving into the agenda the Council listened to a presentation from Seminole resident Barry Bryant asking for support for an American Legion Memorial Highway Project. Bryant said Gaines county has designated two portions of highways leaving both Seminole and Seagraves to honor two Viet Nam veterans who lost their life in the Viet Nam war.

“We are not asking for money,” Bryant said. “We are asking for your support and your consideration to also designate highways in Yoakum County as Memorial highways. These men brought honor for
their family, their church plus their city, state, and nation by paying the ultimate sacrifice.”

Mayor Tommy Hicks said he liked the idea and felt like the Council would also designate portions of highways in the Denver City area as Memorial highways. It is believed there are four Denver City residents who lost their lives in the Southeast Asia conflict.

EDC Executive Director Heath Haines was in attendance requesting expenditures exceeding $10,000 for an easement in Section 893. Haines informed the Council he is wanting to upgrade a roadway that would be an extension of 2nd street that would go from Mustang Ave to Waterline road. The purpose of the road would be to make it easier to access a rear entrance to a potential new business that would be constructed in the future.

Haines had a ballpark figure of $15,000 to$16,000 for the upgraded caliche road. The Council unanimously approved the request with Councilman Ronald Weir abstaining.

Patricia Manzano, who works with the local scouting program, was also in attendance asking permission for the local Lions Club to do some work on the two scout huts located by the Moorhead Park. She said several issues were needing to be addressed before the building could be used for weekly meetings. The Council unanimously approved her request.

Moving to the next item City Manager Stan David wanted the Council to consider Nationwide Guaranteed Minimum Interest Rate Changes options. Nationwide is one the company’s available to City employees as an option for deferred compensation. Because of the low-interest rates for the last several years, Nationwide feels the need to reduce the guaranteed minimum rate they will pay. These changes were unanimously approved by the Council.

At this point, the Council went into Executive Session to consider the city secretary’s position.

After coming out of Executive Session the Council unanimously approved making Lupe Brown the Interim City Secretary with a monthly supplement of $250. She is replacing Beverly Prather who recently announced her retirement with the city.

Councilmembers Joan Breith, Ronald Weir, Robert Hanneman, Clinton Bowman, Mark Sherman, and Keith Mensch along with Mayor Tommy Hicks were present. The next meeting will be on January 21, 2019 at 7pm in the City Hall chambers.