For the 8th year in a row the Denver City high school athletes and their coaches had the opportunity to make Christmas a joyous time for approximately 100 PreK through 5th grade students.

Started by former Mustang Coach Steve Taylor seven years ago when he returned to Denver City, current Mustang Coach Daniel Fontenot has now carried on the tradition of making some child’s Christmas extra special by buying those in need an extra present.

When the current school year kicked off Mustang athletes sold Mustang Gift cards throughout the community for special discount prices from several local merchants on different merchandise from their store. The cost of those cards was $10. After the sales were completed the funds were then used to purchase these Christmas presents. On Wednesday, December 12, 35 Fillie and Mustang athletes joined seven coaches for a trip to Walmart in Hobbs where the presents were purchased.

When asked who qualifies for the presents that are distributed Coach Fontenot said the teachers at both Kelley Elementary and Dodson Primary make up a list of those students they felt like would be in need for the gifts. This year about $3,500 was raised through the sale of the gift cards which gave them enough to also include many siblings from the list the teachers had compiled.

“We try to spend about $50 on each student from the list and then equally divide the rest for their siblings,” Coach Fontenot said. “It is a true blessing that we are able to help each one of them.”

If you were one of those who purchased the Mustang Gift card earlier in the fall you helped make a child’s Christmas a little brighter.