Students Receive Awards at 2016-2017 Awards Assembly

Denver City high school students received several awards and scholarships during the annual 2016-2017 awards assembly held in JW Jones Auditorium on Thursday, May 11.

High school principal Rick Martinez emceed the event in announcing most of the awards. Martinez started the program by informing the audience that $370,825.00 in scholarship money will be awarded to high school students this year.

Journalism instructor Stacie Decker-Robles started the program by recognizing a very large group of students who excelled at the district winning UIL Literary contest. These students were the district champion in their first year of competing at the 4A level. She also noted this was the ninth district championship over the last ten years.

Junior high principal Billy Moore presented two individual scholarships to two senior students. This included a $300 Bill Gravitt scholarship to Xylena Pillai and a $300 Debbi Coffey Memorial scholarship to Tommie Hicks.

The Rotary Club presented two $2,000 scholarships to Kolt Dierschke and Haleigh Gonzales.

On the behalf of the Joy Bowman family, Superintendent Gary Davis presented “A Life with J-O-Y” $300 scholarships to Eliana Flores, Bailey Marin, Adriana Villa, and Claire Seymour. Also helping with this presentation were Mrs. Bowman’s husband Clinton and daughters Kendra Duncan and Allison Marin.

The Chad Lowrey scholarship of $4,000 was presented to Reagan Fontenot and the First Baptist Church, represented by Ricky Galvan, presented $500 scholarships to Imelda Contreras, Eliana Flores and Trenton Freeman.

The ’67 NAGS, a group of ladies who graduated from Denver City high school in 1967, presented a $500 scholarship to Ethan Boulter in memory of Sharon Smith. Making the presentation was Myrna Boulter.

Tejas Study Club presented a $300 scholarships to Leslie Prieto and Mirella Yanez. Myrna Boulter also presented this award.

Former DCISD administrator Michelle Cooper presented the Sandyland Water Conservation $1,000 scholarship to Kolt Dierschke and $2,000 to Jacee Billings.

A $4,000 scholarship was presented to Dakota Fariss and $2,000 was presented to Kolt Dierschke on behalf of the DC FFA Booster Club.

Representing the Mirabeau B. Lamar scholarship award was John McLean who presented $1,000 scholarships to Leslie Prieto and Erin English.

The Denver City Lions club presented $500 scholarships to Claire Seymour, Haleigh Gonzales, Erin English, Brianda Saenz, Jacee Billings, and Marlow Davis. Making this presentation was Russell Dial.

The Denver City Chamber of Commerce presented $500 scholarships to Tommie Hicks, Xylena Pillai, and Denisse Saenz. This presentation was made by Chamber Executive Director Marilyn McCurley.

The Denver City Fire Department presented a $1,000 scholarship to Trenton Freeman and the Knights of Columbus presented $500 scholarships to Jessica Delgado, Claire Seymour, Kolt Dierschke, Leandro Trinidad, and Christian Yanez.

The First United Methodist Church presented $1,600 Eleanor Tipps Memorial scholarship to Sean Romines.

High school math instructor Janet Gibson presented $500 XI IOTA DELTA scholarships to Jessica Delgado, Logan McLeroy, and Leslie Prieto.

The DCHS National Honor Society $250 scholarships were given to Jacee Billings, Marlow Davis, and Xylene Pillai and the DCHS Student Council presented a $100 scholarship to Xylena Pillai.

Jenny McCray and Amy Hill presented TACS scholarships of $150 to Logan McLeroy and Holden Sutton; $350 scholarship to John Kidd; $575 scholarship to Bailey Marin; $775 scholarship to Katie Hollon; and a $925 scholarship to Marlow Davis.

Kolt Dierschke was presented with a $200 scholarship from Panhandle Plains.

Stiles, Wallace and Associates presented $1000 scholarships to Leslie Prieto, Erin English, Analiza Lopez, Haleigh Gonzales, and Adriana Villa. Stiles, Wallace and Associates are the architects for all of the construction, including the new high school, for the district.

Knox, Gailey & Meador, the construction manager for the new projects, gave $1000 scholarships to Marlow Davis, Chanie Wingo, Brianda Saenz, Jessica Delgado, and Cindy Rosas.

The DCHS faculty gave $250 scholarships to Jessica Delgado, Regan Fontenot, Kolt Dierschke, and Leslie Prieto.

FACS presented $400 scholarships to Presley Cooper, Aylene Granados, Diana Gonzales, and Aaron Armendarez; DCHS Auto Tech presented $1,300 scholarships to Jalon Salazar and Ismael Barajas; Welding presented $800 scholarships to Hernan Gonzales and Ivan Valverde; and Vocational Ag presented $400 scholarships to Kolt Dierschke, Dakota Fariss, Regan Fontenot, and Nyla Reyes.

Yoakum County Federal Credit Union presented $250 scholarships to Sierra Banks, Marlow Davis, Erin English, Eric Escalante, and Mirella Yanez. University of Texas of the Permian Basin presented Dual Credit scholarships of $500 to Nancy Dominquez, Erin English, Eliana Flores, Logan McLeroy, Brianda Saenz, and Mirella Yanez.

Band director Jerry Martinez also announced those senior band members who received a combined total of $3,600.

Other individual scholarships included Hispanic Association of Women of $1000 to Imeida Maday Contreras; $65,000 ACU Presidential Scholarship to Marlow Davis; ACU Salutatorian Scholarship of $1000 to Marlow Davis; Rodney and Davela Parker Scholarship of $5000 to Marlow Davis; Oklahoma Christian University $10,000 scholarship to Gehrig Curtis; McPherson College scholarship of $44,000 to Chase Sandlin; Olivet Nazarene University scholarship of $60,000 to Chase Sandlin; Oral Roberts University scholarship of $13,000 per year to Chase Sandlin; Saint Leo University scholarship of $18,600 to Claire Seymour; Texas Tech Presidential scholarship of $20,000 to Jacee Billings; Yoakum Soil and Water Conservation scholarship of $500 to Jacee Billings; Angelo State University CARR scholarship of $16,000 to Kolt Dierschke; Permian Basin Fair Stockshow scholarship of $1000 to Kolt Dierschke; Sandhills Christian Youth scholarship of $1000 to Kolt Dierschke; South Plains Closing the Gaps scholarship of $2000 to Kolt Dierschke; San Angelo Stockshow Foundation scholarship of $8,000 to Kolt Dierschke; and Red Raider Classic scholarship of $2000 to Erin English.

Principal Rick Martinez also announced the 49 students who were named to the all A honor roll every six weeks through the third nine week period.

Martinez then presented $100 to those students with a perfect attendance, $150 to those with a two-year perfect attendance, and $200 to those with three years of perfect attendance.

The following students were also named to UIL Scholar Awards (Top 10% of the Senior Class); Jacee Billings, Gehrig Curtis, Leslie Prieto, Chanie Wingo, Raydecel Carrasco, Marlow Davis, Brianda Saenz, Mirella Yanez, Kathleen Chavez, Tommie Hicks, Uriel Villegas, and Xylena Pillai.

South Plains College Full Tuition and Fees for the Fall Semester totaling $4,000 was presented to Marlow Davis and Jacee Billings and the State of Texas Valedictorian Scholarship of $4,100 to any state supported college was presented to Jacee Billings.

Closing the program Martinez then announced the top four students in each grade. These included from the freshman class Moraima Villegas (4.51), Jerzey Andrae (4.90), Riley Calk (5.00), and Diana Saenz (5.09); Sophomores were Nadia DeLaRosa (5.01), Kenzi Stephens (5.11), Kaitlin Stephens (5.11), and Morgan Johnson (5.23); Juniors were Maraly Solis (5.05), Caitlin Williams (5.12), Cheyenne Beach (5.13), and Britney Dyck (5.14); and the Senior class was Chanie Wingo (5.11), Mirella Yanez (5.12), Marlow Davis (5.39), and Jacee Billings (5.44).

Graduation is set for Friday, May 26 at the Dag.