Eduardo Hernandez took his level of competition several marks above other competitors on Saturday, April 2, and because of his efforts and determination finish in 3rd place in the 198 pound division. The state meet was held in Abilene.

He had personal best lifts in the squad (535 pounds) and the deadlift (515 pounds). But his most impressive station was the bench press where he also had a person best of 375.

What made this station so impressive is before he could get the correct grip on the 340 pound bar the spotter let go and all 340 pounds fell right on his mouth resulting in a chipped tooth, which Coach Jarryd Taylor later found below the bench, and a gashed lip that required stiches when he returned back to Denver City later that night.

“All Eduardo worried about that whole time was being able to finish the competition,” Coach Taylor said. “We stuffed his mouth with gauze but that couldn’t stop the amount of blood that poured out each time he lifted. The trainer had to come and wash down the bench after each attempt.”

Even through 375 was a personal best for Hernandez he still attempted 400 pounds and the only thing that prevented him from attaining that weight was he couldn’t lock his right elbow.

His final total was 1425 pounds, which was also a personal best.

Heading into the Regional meet two weeks ago Hernandez had an overall score of 1290 pounds which had him in 4th place. But he improved in each lift to make it to 1400 pounds, which put him in second place and a trip to state.

At the Regional meet he had personal best in the squat of 530 pounds, 370 in the bench press, and 500 pounds in the deadlift.

“Overall it was a great performance at state and Eduardo’s toughness definitely cannot be questioned,” Coach Taylor concluded. “He was congratulated by several coaches from around the state that heard about what happened and he was told by the State Director of Powerlifting that if they had a toughness award he would definitely have won it. Please congratulate Eduardo if you see him.”