JV Fillies Leave Lamesa as Tournament Champs

The junior varsity Fillie volleyball teams competed in the Lamesa Junior Varsity Volleyball tournament last weekend and left as the tournament champions.

On the first day the Fillies defeated Snyder 25-9, 25-13 and Frenship’s sophomore team 25-23, 25-14.

In the Snyder match Haylee Villareal and Ailin Escobar had six kills each, Kinsey Michaleson had four, Moriama Villegas and Delilah Aguirre had two each, and Danilah Aguirre had one.

Defensively Johnna Hix had 15 digs, Haylee had 12, Danilah came up with seven, and Morgan Johnson, Jayleen Villareal, Delilah and Mariana Polanco each had one. Also on defense Haylee had one block.

In the assists department Morgan had nine and Jayleen had five.

Serving Morgan had four aces, Kinsey had three, Jayleen and Danilah had two each and Johnna had one.

In the Frenship match Haylee had seven kills, Ailin had four, Morgan and Moriama had three each while Delilah and Kinsey both had two.

On defense Johnna had 13 digs, Haylee had 10, Danilah came up with five, Morgan had four, and Moriama and Jayleen both had two each. Kinsey and Moriama had one block each.

The assist leaders were Morgan with six and Jayleen with two.

Serving Danilah had six aces, Morgan had three, and Jayleen had one.

In the Saturday match ups the Fillies started off with a 25-5, 25-16 win over host Lamesa in the semi-finals.

Haylee had five kills, Kinsey came up with four, Moriama had two, and Morgan,

Ailin, and Mariana had one each.

Morgan had 12 assist and Jayleen had four.

On the defensive side of the net Haylee had 15 digs, Johnna came up with 14, Danilah had six, Moriama and Morgan had three each and Jayleen had two.

Serving Morgan had eight aces, Kinsey had three, Danilah had two, and Jayleen and Haylee had one each.

The Fillies saved their best for the last as they defeated a very good hard hitting Frenship JV team in three 19-25, 25-19, 27-25.

Most of the excitement came in the final set with the Fillies on the down side of an 11-3 score. They came back but were still trailing 18-13. With Frenship within two points of the championship at 23-19 the Fillies mounted one more drive and eventually pulled out the win 27-25.

“Our little team just refused to lose and battled from behind for the stunning win,” Coach Jenny McCray said. “I was so proud of how these girls played so fearlessly and never gave up.”

Offensively Haylee had eight kills, Ailin had four, Morgan and Moriama had three each,

Kinsey and Delilah had two each, and Jayleen had one. The assist leaders were Morgan with 11 and Jayleen with eight.

Defensively Johnna led the way with 20 digs, Haylee had 13, Danilah came up with seven, Morgan had five, while Jayleen and Moriama had three each and Kinsey and Moriama had one block each.

Serving Danilah had six aces, Morgan had three including one on match point, and Jayleen had one.

“This is always a challenging tournament with big schools and great teams,” Coach McCray continued. “This was the first time a Fillie JV team has won the tournament championship in about 10 years. This is such a fun group of girls to coach, I can’t wait to see what they do the rest of the season.”

The four wins upped the Fillies season mark to 13-2.

After traveling to Colorado City on Tuesday they will go to Andrews on Saturday. They will return home next Tuesday to entertain Lubbock All Saints and Lovington in a dual match.