Mikaela Oliver is the 2017 Harvest Festival Queen Candidate for the Miss Brownfield Organization. She is the 16 year-old daughter of BJ and Mitzi Oliver, and the sister of 18 year-old Dakota Oliver.

Mikaela is a junior at Brownfield High School where her favorite subject is English.

She is involved in many activities at school, including volleyball, track, varsity cheer, varsity theater arts, UIL, FFA, and FBLA. Mikaela is also the National Honor Society Vice President. She was the BHS mascot last year and also won the KCBD competition for Mascot Mania.

Outside of school, Mikaela attends church at Calvary Baptist. She enjoys volunteering with children, such as reading to kids at ACES and playing the Cat in the Hat for students at Colonial Heights.

In her spare time, Mikaela enjoys reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching Netflix.

Mikaela’s favorite movie is Wonder Woman and her favorite TV show is That 70’s Show. She loves the Percy Jackson book series, and the color blue, and chocolate donuts.

When asked who she looks up to, Mikaela said, “My mom, because she is nice to everyone.”

When she wants to relax, Mikaela enjoys polishing her nails.

If she could have one wish granted, Mikaela would wish for a lifetime of happiness.

Something Mikaela wishes people knew about her is that she’s a fun person, but can be serious when she needs to be.

After high school, Mikaela plans on attending Texas Tech University to study law.

For the Harvest Festival talent show, she will be performing a ventriloquist act with her puppet, Lincoln.