Clinical Director, Dawn Irons LPC, of Hope Harbor Counseling Center is bringing International Profile Speaker & Abstinence Educator, Pam Stenzel, to Denver City.  There will be a community interest and strategic planning meeting regarding the upcoming DC Pregnancy Center held Saturday, January 7, 2017.  This meeting will be held at 10:00 AM at Trinity Baptist Church.  The church is located at 617 W. 3rd Street (Corner of Mustang Ave. and 3rd) in Denver City.  Anyone and everyone from all communities are welcome to come and hear all about the plans for the new center.


Later this same evening at the same location, Pam Stenzel, will share about the amazing ministry of a community pregnancy center.  Pam’s presentation titled “Sex has a Price Tag… abstinence*the best choice” will be presented at 7:00 PM at Trinity Baptist Church in DC.  Please share this opportunity to hear an amazing international speaker with all.