Meadow Broncos & Lady Broncos Basketball Preview


Who knew going into last seasons Men’s basketball for District 6-1A would probably be one of the toughest 1A districts in the state. With Meadow, New Home, Ropes and Wellman-Union playing at the top level during district, it was unfortunate that one of these four teams had to stay home at the end of district play. Its times like this that I see a reason to allow four teams from each district to go to the playoffs, however, I digress.

The Meadow Broncos sported a 19-7 overall record with a 7-3 district record falling twice to New Home and once to Ropes. The Broncos also had two very close games with Wellman-Union. Meadow captured the third seed for the playoffs and lost a very close game to the Whitharral Panthers 50-48, who went on to lose to Meadows district foe in the Regional Quarters, New Home by a score of 48-44. Meadows record truly did not show their true force.

The Browncos have now rolled out the basketballs and are looking for some redemption this time around. After the UIL realignment, Meadow has found itself with Ropes and Wellman-Union again in District 7-1A. UIL took out New Home, Southland and Wilson and added Loop, O’Donnell, and Dawson, who will not have a team this season. So it looks as if the three schools that sit on the same highway will be poised to reach the playoffs.

The Broncos lost a heavy senior class but will return three starters. Coach Brandon Flores, a former basketball player of Meadow, said,

“We will be fairly young with only two seniors on the roster. I believe we have a good shot to do great things during district and continue on into the playoffs. Brady Caswell, Isaiah Contreras, and Ramon Rodriguez should definitely show great leadership characteristics.”

The Broncos should be prepared to fight hard for the District Title as their schedule of games and tournaments are challenging, however, this will help them in district play.



In the 1990s the Lady Broncos were a force to be reckoned with. Although they never advanced past the regional tourney, they certainly gave other teams in Region I a run for their money and everyone who knows anything about women’s high school basketball in Texas, knows that most of the State Champions come from Region I. Of course, the ’90s was when the Class 1A playoffs consisted of schools who played six-man football and 11-man football. Let me put this in perspective, schools like the size of Sudan would go up against schools like the size of Guthrie in the Class 1A Playoffs. Don’t forget that unlike Classes 2A – 5A (at the time) the 1A regional tournaments would take eight teams.

Again here we are with the Lady Broncos hoping to secure a playoff bid since the 2015-2016 season. Playoff droughts for the Lady Broncos are not really an expected thing, but it does happen. From the 2011/2012 season to the 2013/2014 season they did not reach the playoffs. Although they did make it to the 2014/2015 and 2015/2016 playoffs, they were the third seed and lost 44-17 in 2015 in the first round to Whitharral and the next season came into the playoffs as a third seed again, but this time making it three deep into the Regional Quarter Finals.

Needless to say that the Lady Broncos are no strangers to the playoffs and certainly no strangers to Region I. Like the men’s basketball team, the Lady Broncos will have their hands full with pre-district games and tourneys. With teams like Spur, Valley, Whitharral, Sands and Borden County, who all have had success in basketball, this Lady Broncos team will have a lot of practice before district.

Coach Steven Gray told TownTalk Sports, “The girls have been working hard. I am looking forward to seeing them improve and compete throughout the season.”

Players to look out for is Junior Zoey Hunt. Zoey was a huge part of the team last year as a Sophomore and will bring great leadership and skill that the Lady Broncos need. The Lady Broncos are hungry for another playoff run, so expect them to be in it!