As we look to the primaries for our state and federal elections, don’t forget about your local municipal elections coming up in May. There are several positions up for grab this May and it’s beginning to take shape. Here are the local and municipal positions that are available in Terry County.

  • Brownfield Regional Medical Center: 2 Directors At Large
  • Brownfield ISD: Trustee At Large – 2 Positions
  • Meadow ISD: 3 Trustees At Large
  • Wellman-Union CISD: 2 Trustees At Large
  • City of Brownfield: Mayor, Council Member Dist. 1, Council Member Dist. 2, Council Member Dist. 3
  • City of Meadow: Mayor, 2 Council Members at Large, 1 Council Member at Large (Unexpired Term)
  • Council Member Place 1, Council Member Place 3, Council Member Place 5
  • South Plains Underground Water District: Director Precinct 2, Director Precinct 4

Here is the list of those who have currently filed:

City of Brownfield:

  • Leon Pope – Mayor
  • Geronimo M. Gonzales – Mayor
  • Mary Valdonado – Council Member Dist. 2

Brownfield Independent School District:

  • Catarino (Cat) Gonzalez – Trustee, At Large
  • William Hawkins – Trustee, At Large

Brownfield Regional Medical Center:

  • Richard Van Der Vlist – Director, At Large Unexpired Term
  • June Cooper – Director, At Large

City of Meadow:

  • Natalie Howard – Mayor
  • Jerry Liles – Council Member, At Large

Meadow Independent School District:

  • Jody Woodard – Board Member
  • Ruben Villapando – Board Member

City of Wellman:

  • Lynn Delong – Council Member, Place 1
  • Naomi Garnsey – Council Member, Place 3
  • Cody Griffiths – Counsil Member, Place 5

Wellman-Union Independent School District:

  • Jace Moore – Trustee, At Large
  • Gabe Neill – Trustee, At Large

South Plains Underground Water Conservation District:

  • Barrett Brown – Director, Precinct 4

The last day to file for any local election in Terry County is Friday February 16th, 2016 by 5:00pm.