by Eric Woods
News Director, TownTalk News

In his most recent electronic newsletter, U.S. Rep. Randy Neugebauer used the Paris attacks to criticize President Barack Obama for his handling of Islamic State group, claiming the President needs to be more aggressive in containing the terrorist threat.

Neugebauer also took the opportunity to praise Texas Gov. Greg Abbott concerning his stance on refusing any Syrian refugees into Texas after the attacks.

“Dana and I send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Paris and all of France. We mourn with the victims of Friday evening’s terrorist attacks—carried out by the radical Islamic terrorist group ISIS—that left 129 dead in the French capital. During this difficult time, we must stand with France and support their efforts to defeat ISIS. While President Obama has previously claimed that ISIS is contained, or that the group only has regional power, the attacks in Paris should serve as a wakeup call. The President’s strategy is not working. We need to take this global threat seriously and be more aggressive to defeat and destroy ISIS. Now more than ever, the world needs American leadership to stop the spread of radical Islamic terrorism.

Texas Will Not Accept Syrian Refugees
This morning, Governor Abbott wrote a letter to President Obama, informing the President that Texas “will not accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Paris.” I have heard from many of you on this very topic, and I fully support Governor Abbott’s decision. America is a compassionate place, but as the Governor rightly notes, “A Syrian ‘refugee’ appears to have been part of the Paris terror attack. American humanitarian compassion could be exploited to expose Americans to similar deadly danger.” The risk is just too great to allow more Syrian refugees into the country at this time because we cannot conduct proper background checks to learn the full history of the refugees. FBI Director Comey also expressed similar concerns in recent testimony before Congress. My top priority is to keep America safe and I will continue working with my colleagues in Congress to prioritize our national security.”