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Commentary June 12, 2019

I’ve watched like many you do with shock and amazement the last few months as the House has done nothing.  We all knew when the Democrats took control things would change, but even by DC standards the Dems have run completely off the rails.  With their chief plan being the impeachment of the President once the Mueller Report came out, everything looked rosy or so they thought.  When Mueller released the report and found no collusion you’d have thought the world was ending.  I mean for months we’d all heard that we must accept the report and its findings, and ultimately the impeachment of the President and when that didn’t happen…well they didn’t accept the findings and are now investigating the investigators. We’re told that now instead of working to address the disaster at the border, they will spend time and more money looking for something, anything that they can use to further their goal. 

Now I thought we elected folks to go to Washington and work to defend the Constitution and protect the country?  Well the Dems have decided that anything no matter how important or needed that the President is behind will never get their support. The will investigate and work for impeachment and that’s it.  

I bring this up today because week before last I had the opportunity to sit in a room with Ag leaders who worry about a lot of things, but trade, meaningful immigration reform were two items that topped their list. In that room we sat with Senator Ted Cruz, and he listened, and understood the issues and how important they are to agriculture and the country as a whole.  However, his reply was,” I don’t think you will see the House take up any legislation until after the 2020 election.  They will investigate the remainder of this year and work to move toward impeachment the first part of next year.”  Now let that sink in, the U.S. House will not, under Democratic control, take up any meaningful legislation, especially anything that makes President Trump look good, until after the election.  I’m sorry I thought we elected them to work their full term? I didn’t know they could work only so long as things politically went their way.  We witnessed the same Democratic playbook with the farm bill. The Democratic leadership pulled all their party members away from working to finish the 2018 Farm Bill until after the midterm elections.  Thankfully we had Chairman Conaway who worked on, and then had Collin Peterson to come in and they finished the bill.  But again we see the example of how the Democratic Party is working, or rather not working now. 

This is unacceptable, yet the Democrats are not held accountable by their own supporters.  Sad…how long will they let this go?  

This country deserves better representation, and folks who are willing to work to get things done for the betterment of this country and her people. We have folks who are trying to do what they can as members of the minority in the House.  I urge you to be vocal let our local Congressman Jodey Arrington know you appreciate the job he’s trying to do, with a majority that wants to do nothing. Chairman Mike Conaway who works tirelessly on the Ag Committee is another one of those who stated he was elected to work his entire term and has.  Take time and support these folks. If we don’t I worry about the country and the direction it’s headed…

The silent majority cannot afford to be silent any more….